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Greddy E-Manage

Customised tuning is one of the most bang for buck methods to extract performance out of any ride. Not only does the E-Manage by Greddy prove to improve throttle response, this device can increase vehicle performance up to 30%, via tuning of air/fuel ratio and ignition timing. Fabulous X offers an attractive package that goes along with Greddy’s E-Manage to ensure optimal performance out of the product.


Liqui Moly ATF Top Tec 1300 Oil

This hydraulic fluid guarantees safe operation and functioning of the power steering system for both manual and automatic transmissions. With high thermal stability and efforts to prevent corrosion of the internals, this fluid is certain to prolong the lifespan of the drivetrain.


Rays CE28 Club Racer

Measuring in at 16 x 7, 4/100 and an offset of +42, the forged CE28 Club Racer was released just half a year ago in Japan with weight improvements over its predecessor. Available in rising red and rim flange DC, the rim will also include spoke stickers and air valves.


Soleil LXS-1 Rim

Measuring in at 20 x 8.5 with offsets of +20, +35 and +42, and 20 x 10 with offsets of +25, +35 and +45, the Soleil LXS-1 rim distributed by Stamford Tyres are designed to fit German luxury vehicles without compromising on the possibility of big brake kit fitment. Available in black and suitable for BMW and Mercedes Benz.


OWS Projekt Z

This blend of additives by OWS is designed to restore the performance and economy of your vehicle to factory quality. It is formulated with fully synthetic detergent additives to clean intake and exhaust valves as well as remove carbon deposits on the pistons. Engine vibrations will also be reduced to ensure smoother operations during idling and cruising.


Liqui Moly ATF Top Tec 1200 Oil

This automatic gear oil is formulated based on synthetic HC base oils, in combination with the latest high-performance additives. The base oils are designed to ensure optimal stability and protect against wear and tear, even under extreme temperature fluctuations.

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