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ACDelco Wiper

ACDelco WiperACDelco’s wipers are designed to last under extreme weather fluctuations, without compromising on superior wiping properties. Most wipers will have streaks and smears after prolonged usage, especially when left under the hot sun, but ACDelco ensures that this is minimised. Suitable for vehicles that require a wiper length of 22”.


Side Mirror for Civic FD

This side mirror distributed by Fabulous X looks sleek without affecting rear view visibility. It might appear slimmer than OEM fitments, but it is wide enough to include a small wide-angle blind spot mirror, so safety will not be compromised. Installation is fuss free and both mirror housings can be sprayed to a colour of your choice.


Portable Tyre Air Compressor

This portable air compressor is designed for quick inflation of air pressure for tyres. It can be used when the tyres are punctured, as this temporary inflation helps the driver to reach a nearby workshop without damaging the rims. Power can be connected to the 12V source, and measurements are 6.5cm (H) x 16cm (W) x 15.5cm (L).



The UltraGauge distributed by Euromodz can read up to 78 possible gauges, real time fuel mileage and evaluate fault and pending codes. All these functions are packaged in an attractive electric blue LCD LED display, and are compatible with all OBD II certified vehicles.

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