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I have been driving for 30 years, and clocked close to 200,000km on my current Korean-made car. Given my years of driving, I have used various kinds of engine oils in the market to protect my car’s engine. Some does what it claims, while others are merely a regular lubricant. The first thing I look out for whenever I change the engine oil is how smooth and quiet my car will be, depending on the benefits of the engine oil as claimed by the manufacturer.


I recently got hold of a bottle of ELF Evolution 900 FTX SP 5W-30. My last contact with ELF was back in the early 2000, in which they had received fairly good reviews from users. I recall those days when my peers who were into car performance enhancements and modifications, were raving to me about this brand, as ELF was synonymous to motorsports championship.

Back to the present, I was skeptical that the bottle in my hand would do wonders as compared to the other brands that I used before. ELF is supposed to give you a really smooth drive, with the benefit of fuel saving. As I was using a pretty renown lubricant brand before this oil change, I was able to do an immediate comparison. To my amazement, my car seems quieter and a bit smoother after my oil change. So I asked myself if it was a psychological effect? Then I noticed that my fuel consumption is lower than norm even though I have been driving actively in the city. I did a calculation and found that I actually achieved 3-5% savings on average for my fuel consumption. However, based on my experience, new oil change tends to give better results immediately but have a tendency to deteriorate after a while. Surprisingly, after clocking more than 4,000km till I pen this review, the quietness and fuel saving properties remained. But don’t take my word for it because different drivers and different cars may have a different experience. So I would like to invite you guys to try it out. Share your experience with us and let us know if it gives you better results over your current engine oil. Check it out at ELF authorised workshops.


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