A Racing Legend Fuelled by Passion

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For all the driving enthusiasts out there, you may have heard of ELF lubricant.

ELF is easily one of the most recognised brands in the world of lubricants, stemming from the brand’s success in motorsports. As a brand at the heart of motorsports since 1968, ELF’s involvement in motorsports competition over the years has rooted itself as a key player in lubricants technology. Established in 1967, the French brand has rose to become a global leader, offering products renowned for its quality, performance and reliability.

One of the keys to ELF’s success and a benefit to its users, is its commitment to technological innovation. The company invests heavily in research and development to ensure its products meet not only the latest industry standards, but importantly, the ever-demanding needs of drivers. Notably, ELF was one of the first to introduce ELF Competition SX 10W-30, the first fuel saving lubricant in 1993.

Another advantage to using ELF products is the company’s strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. Just as ELF is passionate about developing products that creates exceptional drive, drivers can take heart that ELF is also passionate about creating Fuel Economy and Low SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur) products that reduces impact to the environmental.

ELF has a wide range of engine oils that are designed to improve engine performance and longevity. The latest of which is the ELF Evolution Full-Tech, an advanced synthetic technology engine oil formulated to provide up to 80% improvement in engine durability compared to industry limits*. With the prevalence of downsized engines in today’s market, a higher requirement of lubricants is required to be used to ensure consistent performance. With Evolution Full-Tech, it ensures an extended lifetime of after treatment devises and enhanced anti-oxidation and thermal management. This provides greater engine endurance and best all-time performance. With an assured partner that takes care of your engine, you will never have to worry about taking a break for your engine.

Now what is there not to like? We say, choose ELF, made legendary, made for you!

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*Based on CEC L-109 test


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