Indulge in your car without fear of repercussions

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Owning a car is an enjoyable yet expensive indulgence. You get to feel the wind while cruising down the highway if you own an open top, or feel the adrenaline rush as you burn some tyres in one of those track days. However, all indulgences come with repercussions. Expensive repairs kick in after the warranty if you buy it brand new or immediately if you have a used car.
Lim Tan Motors (LTM) with India International Insurance has a solution for you, whether you have a brand new car or used car or even a well preserved COE car. This warranty takes away expensive repairs and leave you to enjoy your car in whatever way you desire and whenever you can, with a relatively inexpensive premium.
For an Asian made that is 5 years up to 130,000km mileage, your 5 years premium ranges from SGD800-SGD1,400, while a continental model of various categories starts from SGD1400 – SGD4300 if you own an ultra-high performance model. The warranty covers most major parts, effectively taking away the most expensive replacement costs you could ever imagine.
As for the reliable work horse that you still love with warranty for cars above 10 years. You can opt to purchase a yearly premium, which cover the essential repairs as long as your car is certified to be in decent health. So a piece of good news for those looking into a getting a reliable drive for your needs, without the fear of having to fork out massive maintenance cost in the future.
I will be making a call to LTM at 6452 0893 to find out more.

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