Ultra coolness on the go, in one easy step!

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The only time I want to sweat is when I am exercising at the park or in the gym. All other times I want to keep myself cool, calm and collected. No sweat stains and no sweat dripping down my face, thank you very much.
Which was why I was caught in a dilemma, when my car aircon was no longer blowing cool air like before. As I was getting sweaty and sticky, I was told that it may be caused by the degrading of the compressor oil due to the constant usage of the car aircon. Our aircons degrade over time and the heat and humidity in our tropical climate makes it worse, forcing our aircons to work harder. As aircon degrades, oil quality drop, starts to limit the heat exchange and reduce its ability to cool faster than it is supposed to.
Being the avid online researcher that I am, I got myself a Cool-Shot Ultra aircon additive treatment from Unicla International. This treatment comes with an easy-to-use syringe with flexible adapter, so I can easily inject the additive into my aircon system. Amazingly, the Cool-Shot Ultra actually maintained the quality of oil within the compressor system and restore its efficiency!
So in just one easy step, my car aircon now blows cool air faster and if I may say so, I think it is even colder than before. I am so relieved to have found this innovative solution and no longer have to suffer the heat in silence. The hot spell will be getting worse, if you want to enjoy more coolness on the go, increase the efficiency of your car aircon by getting the Cool-Shot Ultra from Unicla International at 6842 1212.

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