My car is warrantied against misbehaving major parts – Hear me roar!

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I have just purchased a BMW X2 in my favourite sporty Misano Blue! To say I am very happy is an understatement. Obviously I want my baby to be truly roadworthy, new set of run-flat tyres, new coat of polish, new wiper blades.

LTM in action

Then reality hits me. This is my first continental car and the set of wiper blades alone costs me over $200 (front and back blades)! What will it cost to maintain this car should the major parts require replacement? The air-con compressor, the engine, the gear box… my mind boggled just thinking about it. Is there some form of warranty that I can purchase to protect my car and my pockets? Yours truly shared this genuine concern with a petrol-head friend of mine. Petrol-head suggested I consider taking up a warranty from Lim Tan Motors (LTM). Apparently LTM offers this warranty in partnership with India International Insurance, to protect against the replacement cost for major vehicle parts. With this, I can rest assure that any misbehaving major components will be covered by the warranty.

Is this too good to be true? A quick search tells me that LTM has been around since 1960 and is a renowned car repair and servicing workshop. The company provides the full suite of services, from car servicing, spray painting, panel beating, to claims for both continental and Asian cars. Another quick call to my other trustworthy source – Dad tells me that LTM is a reputable professional workshop since his younger days. I don’t know about you, but I trust my dad. I will be making a call to LTM at 6452 0893 to find out more.


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