Driving with peace of mind and a whole load of bonus features!

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Driving in Singapore, I observed there are two main reasons that will cause the daily traffic to slowdown immensely – speed cameras and ERP gantries. The latter confounds me because no matter how slow you go, you will still be charged for the ERP. The former, I am guilty as charged. With the increasing number of speed and red light cameras, one has to be very careful on the road. Don’t be colour blind to Bright Orange, quick eye scans and equally quick reflexes.

Lately however, I am very relaxed on the road. My new Vueroid D20-Q2 dashcam has been working hard to give me peace of mind. This Korean manufactured dashcam is armed with a most desirable feature- Safety Camera Alert system. Developed by Cyclops UK, this system detects and prompts me whenever I am in a camera zone! Red light, speed or even mobile cameras, now I always know in advance. In addition, believe it or not, this dashcam also comes with an Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) – Lane departure warning, forward and rearward collision warning, it does all that and more! You know how we tend to check messages when we stop at the red light? My Vueroid even alerts me when the car in front has driven off, so I don’t have to worry about annoying the driver behind. I am all about courtesy on the road you see. Thanks to the Front Vehicle Start Alert!

I am sure you are very impressed by now, but there is still one more big bonus feature – the Safety Camera Alert system works for Malaysian roads as well! So I am planning a relaxing drive up to KL, because I do not have to worry about nasty speed camera surprises anymore. If you want a relaxing driving experience like me, call Wow! Gadgets @ 61009691, your car (and mind) will thank you for getting the Vueroid D20-Q2.


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