Sounding Out the Infiniti Q60

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A closer inspection upon this particular Q60 brings out one of the true joys of car ownership.

Owning a car comes with its own benefits and privileges, and this is why many people still opt to buy a vehicle when public transport is available at a lower cost. One of the benefits and privileges that comes with car ownership is the ability to set up your own entertainment system, and this 2019 Infiniti Q60 certainly sets the standard.

Equipped with an 8-channel sound processor (that controls the whole system) and the in-built 6-channels 80-watts (which powers the front speaker), the Mosconi D2 80.6 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) is Italian-made and fits proudly in the trunk.

The Gladen RS-X 10 Slim subwoofer complements the system and is powered by a D2 150.2 amplifier’s 450 watts in mono mode. The subwoofer sits in the customised enclosure at the side of the trunk to maximise all usable space.

The Micro Precision 5 series Tweeter and Midrange can be found mounted within the customised A-pillars and the 5 series Midbass sits within the door panel where the original speakers lie.

To top it all off, DSP can now link up with stock head-units to calibrate and perfect sound quality. Installed by Xtremez Audio, the carpentry, fitting and sound-tuning match the highest industry standards, they also provide for hideaway compartments that makes the installation and usage 100% clutter-free.


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