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CarFix Autoworks’ strongest values are deal-makers for those who want a trustworthy workshop

“We certainly have the tools, but experience counts for much more”.

A workshop tucked away at 71 Woodlands Industrial Park, CarFix Autoworks’ focus on workmanship is firm, co-founder Ah Meng insists, after all, no one’s driving all the way back to Woodlands for poor service. 

Now into its third year of running, CarFix has thrived because of a healthy combination of expertise plus technology, and a significant part of that is due to its affiliations with German lubricant brand OWS. If OWS sounds familiar to you, it’s because we featured the OWS 3-In-1 Performance System earlier this year. 

This time, we were invited to a demonstration (check our website for the video) of the System by CarFix Autoworks. The OWS 3-In-1 Performance System is an integral part of servicing (see following page for more) and a demonstration from the pros reminded us again why regular servicing is so important (there’s just a lot of dirty grease, I’m not going into it).

The whole process took around 3 hours but what observers like me saw was a fine display of skills and know-how from the technicians. Going to the workshop is many times akin to an adventure in the wild west, and for me, the trip goes much easier with a good technician.

More importantly, I was also told CarFix Autoworks is offering the OWS 3-In-1 Performance System as part of its servicing package, which means you’re welcome for this tip!

Because of wear and tear and the build-up of carbon and sludge in daily use, your car engine will lose efficiency. With that in mind, German lubricant company OWS has concocted its own Performance 3-in-1 System that can improve your fuel economy.

OWS 3-in-1 Performance System

OWS 3-in-1 Performance System

      1. 210 Engine Flush

The OWS 210 Engine Flush cleans up the accumulation of impurities formed from the process of combustion. Besides being one of the ways to prevent engine pre-ignition (that might lead to fires), the cleanse will also see increased engine compression and performance.

      2. 220 Engine Protector

The 220 Engine Protector is lauded by OWS as a “breakthrough in friction reduction technology”, providing increased oil film stability within engines. The 220 Engine Protector is an additive that maintains viscosity under extreme conditions, most importantly being able to prevent corrosion and extend engine life.

      3. 360 Injector Fuel System Cleaner

The 360 Injector Fuel System Cleaner does what its name suggests, passing through the fuel system, injectors and intake valves to remove harmful deposits like varnish, dirt and carbon that might disrupt the engine’s activity. For some, the advantage of reduced emissions might be a lot more enticing.


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