Driving Blues

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Yokohama’s BluEarth tyre brand takes both comfort and sustainability into account with the new AE51 and AE61.


The Concept

Comfort takes top spot when tyres are ranked, but Yokohama’s focus on “friendliness to the environment, human and society” has resulted in BluEarth, its own brand of tyres that prioritises sustainability and fuel efficiency. All BluEarth products incorporate the same basic design and technology to provide for increased control and comfort on the road, but it’s the thought put into being environmentally-friendly that makes BluEarth tyres a viable option for a smooth ride, inside and out.

Yokohama BluEarth-GT AE51The new “BluEarth-GT AE51” is an outstanding grand touring tyre for sedans. Known for its powerful and stable performance, the AE51 does put the “GT” in… “BlueEarth-GT AE51”. Besides putting in “excellent all-around performance”, the AE51 has also inherited the exceptional wet-grip performance BluEarth-A tyres are known for thanks to the tread pattern’s lightning grooves and blade-cut sipes.The AE51 is also designed for optimal heat distribution, a feature that significantly improves fuel efficiency.


Yohohama BluEarth-XT AE61

≠Drivers of mid-sized and compact SUVs would do well to ponder upon the new AE61 on their next tyre change. As part of the BluEarth range, the AE61 is as environmentally-conscious as its other cousins, and every bit as competent with its low rolling resistance and increased mileage. The tread pattern is specially designed to meet the needs of vehicles with a high gravity center, providing great sturdiness in all situations. Much work has also been put into noise suppression, with five types of diagonal grooves cutting down the sound from ground contact.With great improvements to the braking performance on both wet and dry pavements, the AE61 indeed allows for more room for error, leading to a freer drive.


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