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Aftermarket audio solutions are now easier to integrate into your car than ever before

Established in 1999 as a small British company with huge aspirations, Connects2 is now a global market leader in the in-car entertainment industry as it continues to develop and manufacture car audio interfaces that can integrate aftermarket audio solutions. 

The company has served its clientele in earnest for the past 20 years, and its latest collaboration with A.I.M. Net Private Limited makes sure car owners in Singapore and Asia can adopt aftermarket audio solutions seamlessly to their vehicles, all without changing the original components and their functions.

Connects2 and A.I.M. Net maintain their integration interfaces remains the only solution for 95% of the vehicles currently on the roads, and are keen to provide support for drivers who want more from their machines. On top of their usual work, Connects2 and A.I.M. Net will also be providing their expertise to continental cars in the country.

Launched at the beginning of this year, the new UNI-SWC.5 interface is compatible with over 900 different vehicle applications and will retain a host of vital Original Equipment Manufacturer features (steering wheel controls, phone buttons, setting menus, etc.) once an aftermarket automotive head unit is added into the car. The button configurations can also be completely remapped, allowing drivers to tailor desired functions on a long or short press in all vehicles on any platform.

Find out more at Connects2.Com


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