Sonic Delivery (Opel Combo)

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This will probably be one of the luckiest Opel Combo we have in Singapore, its suit up with the finest equipment from Audiotec Fischer from Germany.

Dedicated to serve the local deliveries and ensuring the equipment has a good ride to its new owners.

The Clarion 7 inch double din multimedia head unit serve as the source and connected to the Helix DSP Pro MKII where magic happens and begin.

The numerous improvements of the DSP in Helix has raised the bar to a new level, beside extremely powerful 64-bit audio DSP and cutting edge DA & AD converters the incredible native resolution of 32 bit will ensure unparalleled sound quality of this stunning processor.

Sitting at the custom A pillars and triangle mirror is the Brax Matrix 3 way system, the ML1& ML3 were beautifully custom onto the panels while the ML6P mid bass sits at the original door panel position.

Brax is one of the most respected high end car audio brands, maintaining made in Germany with the highest precision and using the best quality parts.

Powering the speakers were the Brax high end GX2400 which uses 150 watts of 4 channel to power the highs and mids, and 2 units of GX2000 powers the mid bass and sub bass ML 10.

The amplifiers and subwoofer enclosure are all custom-fitted at the back of the ride, featuring beautiful installation handwork and lightings.

The installation was beautifully crafted by Xtremez Audio.


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