That Family Guy (Toyota Wish)

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People movers, or locally better known as the MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) is probably the most boring, yet practical automobiles motorists can buy. Once relegated to bread-and-butter car manufacturers, the popularity of the MPV has exploded. Who knew that the MPV has grown to become an important segment, that almost every manufacturer has a MPV in their line up.

While in Singapore, MPV enthusiasts may be a dime a dozen but Indonesia and Malaysia have thriving MPV communities. All you have is to step on a street and wait for one to roar past you.

Here, we have one that roars equally loud too. Behold the first generation Wish (AE10), the Wish that was a super big hit with Parallel Importers and local MPV buyers before Borneo Motors added it to their line up, replacing the aging outgoing Picnic for good.

Having lived for over ten years, the tired paintwork and decals simply hide that this particular car has gone through the hands on a hardcore car enthusiast. Rightfully so, the Wish sold so well in Japan, that even HKS made a certified “Silent” Hi-Power exhaust for it.

Audible differences aside, this Wish is still a family car until you notice that it sits noticeable lower than the rest. Resting on coilovers, there are plenty of hints around it that suggest that this is no ordinary driver.

Peer past the original Prodrive wheels and gawk at the very presence of a braking system straight out of a Civic Type R. This is what happens when a car enthusiast gets married, and starts having kids – but at the same time, sneaks out for a quick blast along empty B-Roads to rekindle an old love for driving.

Needless to say, the heft of the Toyota Wish, coupled with the four speed automatic, isn’t exactly a “sporty” car – but with the suspension upgrades, chassis stiffening bars and a custom engine tune for extra oomph, having some speedy fun is better than having none at all.

Keeping in touch with fellow Wish enthusiasts from Singapore and Malaysia, he has embarked on many club meetup and drives, with his entire family in tow as well. That necessitated the installation of a roof carrier for everyone’s luggage.

Rather than spend more money in making the Wish faster – plenty was spent on making the interior more “family friendly” with a thumping sound system to drown out the HKS exhaust drone, customised mats to protect the original leather from the kids and floor mats to handle the mud, soil, and other funny stuff that his kids eventually end up spilling on the floor.

Before you chime in on placing the booster seat right in front, don’t worry, that’s what the SRS airbag disable switch is for – besides, growing up in a modified car isn’t a bad way to remember your childhood!

Toyota Wish 1.8A

HKS exhaust
eManage Ultimate
EPS Evo 10 power charger

Brembo brakes from FD2R
Original Prodrive gc-05f rims
BC-BR full adjustable coilover
Ultra Racing front 4 pt sturt bar / front anti roll bar / room bar
Submit rear anti roll bar/ rear bumper bar.
Michelin PS4 tyres

original Japan internal panels full Cf print.
9″ ATC Android headunit
3 way JBL active tweeter/speaker system
Rear EXspider 6.5″ 650 speakers
pioneer under seat subwoofer
EXspider gold edition 2000w amplifier
EXspider pre-amp
JS Square customized lightings
Customized dashboard mat
Customized boot mat
Reflective floor mat

Custom CF vented bonnet
Kenstyle Spoiler
Thule roof rack with Roofbox


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