Tribecar launches Singapore’s first rental service for new drivers

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Being a young driver in Singapore is tough. In order for skills to improve, drivers need to spend time behind the wheel, but that’s easier said than done if access to the family car is restricted since as a P-plater, that’s likely to be the only car they’ll be allowed to pilot. 

Even renting a car is often not possible, as reputable companies almost always stipulate the renter having had their licence for a minimum number of years.

With Tribecar now though, new drivers have a usable option for the first time. The local car-sharing firm recently announced the expansion of its rental services to new drivers, even if they’re under 23 years of age or have held their Class 3/3A licence for less than two years.

“Our vision is to make vehicle rental accessible, affordable and safer for everyone in Singapore. said Adrian Lee, Co-founder of Tribecar. “As the first car-sharing operator that caters to new drivers, we hope to bridge the gap by giving them the opportunity to utilise their newly minted licenses at affordable rates.”

New drivers will be fully insured on common car models like the Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla, and Mitsubishi Lancer, and have the option of renting them on an hourly basis too. That said, rental rates for these drivers will be higher, to reflect the heightened risk that comes with inexperience.

Tribecar vehicles are available to rent from more than 270 locations islandwide, with rates starting from as little as $2 per hour (before GST).


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