The Industry Fellowship Night

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The Singapore Motor Workshop Association is all about promoting camaraderie among members of the automobile industry in Singapore. More than that, the association also studies the trade with a view to promotion of the business to a higher and professional level.

Over the years, SMWA has also participated in Charities and other forms of welfarism, as well as make representation to the authorities on behalf of the Association should the situation arise, plus mediating and resolving trade-related issues.

Since 1972, SMWA has been actively Just a year ago, SMWA helped to lobby the removal of the warranty restrictions on new cars. Other SMWA activities included helping to ease the labour crunch with an accreditation system with ITE for technicians with experience.

The SMWA Fellowship Night 2018 was a massive gathering for all the motor repair workshops owners and personnel to meet, know each other and build relationships. With good food, drinks and vibes, the conducive environment allowed the attendees to easily mingle with others.

Over one hundred attended the event. Such events help in recognizing, creating, and deciding on the course of action on business opportunities. Armed with this new Information and potential partners for ventures, no one was left high and dry as the event went into the night, along with plenty of refreshments, songs and dance!

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