Prolong your car aircon’s life with Errecom

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Given Singapore’s tropical weather, it’s quite possible that the one system onboard our cars that gets used the most is the air-conditioning. Not only is it typically in operation throughout the entire time the car is turned on, it also has to work extra hard to deal with our tropical heat and humidity.

It’s not surprising therefore, that our car aircons can degrade over time, and the most common issues usually pertain to the refrigerant gas. 

As the gas gets heated and cooled as it passes through the various parts of the system, it degrades and releases moisture and acids, which not only decrease the effectiveness of the aircon (it becomes less cool), but also gradually corrodes the system’s internals, leading to small leaks through which the gas can escape. 

Lubricating oil from the aircon compressor can also get dragged throughout the system, eventually settling in places it doesn’t belong, like the condenser and evaporator, reducing the efficiency of the whole system.

Errecom’s range of aircon additive treatments aims to help with that, plugging gas leaks and restoring the overall system effectiveness, and it’s all packaged in easy-to-use syringes with flexible adapters to allow you to inject the additives into your aircon system.

The four-step treatment begins with No-Acid Ultra, which neutralises any acids that might have built up. Next comes Super-Dry Ultra, which is a dehydrating additive that aims to remove any moisture in the system.

After that comes Cool-Shot Ultra, which aims to remove unwanted oil deposits, especially in the condenser and evaporator, and restore efficiency to the compressor. Finally there’s Extreme Ultra, which is a solution that locates the gas leaks in both the rubber and metal components and plugs them up.

With that done, your car’s aircon system should hopefully be running efficiently and blowing cold air again, saving you trips to the workshop to keep getting the system re-gassed.

The distributor for Errecom products in Singapore is Unicla International, contact them at 6842 1212 for more information, or visit their website at


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