New Car Camera Can Monitor Carbon Dioxide

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Nefu is an in-car camera brand from South Korea, and it has arrived in Singapore with the Nefu Plabo and Nefu Rogard 2 two-channel full-HD dashcam. The Nefu Plabo is able to record full-HD footage at 1080p at 30fps for both front and rear cameras. 

With a 145-degree front and 140-degree rear wide angle camera, it is the perfect tool for capturing everything that happens on the road and around your car. The Nefu Plabo also features Ultra Night Vision Technology courtesy of a Sony Starvis image sensor, for better clarity in low-light conditions. The sensor also reacts to extreme light conditions during the day, reducing glare and delivering superior video quality, day or night. 

The optional CO2 sensor feature measures carbon dioxide levels in the vehicle cabin. It prevents any instance of driving whilst having poor indoor air quality, by giving out a warning when there is an increase in carbon dioxide levels.

The low-power circuit design technology in the Nefu Plabo prevents battery drainage, with the ability for the user to set the ideal battery voltage for the in-car camera to operate.

For those who require screens, the Nefu Rogard 2 Channel Full HD WiFi with up to 256gb capacity,  has a 3.5” LCD screen. Autopia is the distributor for Nefu products in Singapore.


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