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Walk into a shopping complex and we would mostly encounter stalls that can be found in other malls. While this provides convenience to the consumer, there will be a niche group of stakeholders who often crave for more unique, curated experiences – offbeat adventures that can arguably enhance their lifestyles. When we replicate this model for another industry, it becomes even more apparent that there will be a special group of enthusiasts, on the constant lookout to pursue their interests on a larger scale.

EMMA Singapore Championship National Finals & Asia Finals 2018 was held on Sunday, the 25th of November. While this was the focus of the event, we would like to emphasise on concurrent activities alongside. Carros Centre (60 Jln Lam Huat, Singapore 737869) was filled with activity, and more importantly, it showcased activities that not many organisers can pull off well. The important blend of all stakeholders involved played a crucial role to exude a sense of belonging and camaraderie with customers, automotive fans, suppliers, participants and even passerbys, who can increasingly sense the positive influence by having such events on a more constant basis.

One of the major draws was a gathering of Honda owners, which accounted for one of the biggest car events in Singapore. “A Day for Honda” was Singapore’s largest gathering of Hondas. Yes, there were no less than 400 Hondas, featuring old school classics, right through to modern iterations of the popular brand. This was certainly one of the highlights, as it managed to generate a festival-like atmosphere, along with providing opportunities for like-minded enthusiasts to share all-things automotive. There is always something special when owners themselves mingle with fellow owners of similar rides – these serve as perfect platforms to go in-depth into a particular topic that only they can comprehend. It is like a live/physical version of an online forum, with live demonstrations and instantaneous feedback and recommendations. Exchanges like these are increasingly rare and priceless, which is why “A Day for Honda” will be penned down as a major achievement. 

This is a good, smart example of creating value from a land-scarce island nation, in a concrete jungle where we often feel the effects of space constraints. Our neighbouring countries are blessed with an abundance of land, which can be a major advantage for large scale events like this. But for Singapore, we are well prepared and equipped to host celebrations like this, and we are walking on the right path to create more value, by curating more unique, one-off experiences like what we’ve just experienced at Carros Centre!



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Eric Koh (Kasphotography)


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