Super Sports Day (ACMA Gymkhana-Mania)

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No rain shall ever dampen the spirit. The first ever ACMA Gymkhana-Mania, saw many of the local motorsports enthusiasts gather at the The Grandstand South Car Park for dose of adrenaline on 18 November 2018.

The event was motivated by the shortage as well as the high cost of hosting motorsports events in Singapore. In view of the difficulties, ACMA sought to bring a different flavour of gymkhana at an affordable price to the local motorsports community.

Organized by ACMA Engineering Works & Trading Pte Ltd, this exciting event liven up the local scene with entry fees from as low as S$100 for newbie class drivers, while drivers entering in other classes (Freshman and Master) are at S$150. There were a total of seven vehicle/driver classes to cater to all drivers and cars alike. 

This is definitely a welcoming sight to see new faces lining up with battle-hardened vets of the motorsports community, including a 73-year old who has been racing for 50 years, raced his classic Mini in the event!

The Newbie class welcomed drivers who are inexperienced in gymkhana events. He/she may have witnessed, have basic understanding of gymkhana events, or have taken part in other forms of motorsports.

Freshman and Master catered for those who have more experience in gymkhana and the organizer sorted them according into the two classes to their skill level, with Master being the highest.

Sponsored by Isuzu, Motormech, Whiteline, Hyper Tyre, Hankook, Energizer, OWS, Starlight Stainless Steel, GoPro, VP Racing/ Best Chemical Co (S), HKS Garage R SG, SGCarmart, GEnergy, ARIS Pacific and Lightseekers SG, this event also featured the Monster Energy preferred drink, and they were on fuel up the participants and spectators with Monster Energy in various flavours! 

The competition format was fast and easy. All participants will not be given any practice runs but they were given three times per run for the two layouts (SS 1 and SS 2). When time and weather permitted, more timed runs allowances were be given for all participants 

The fastest timing of each layout will be taken as the final result – by doing so, it reduced the waiting time for participants to form up for two separate practice and timed runs.  The final placing will be determined by the fastest combined time for each competitor. 

The day’s proceedings concluded with participants and spectators taking away a new and fresh motorsports experience. Ending on a very positive note, this is paving the way for more exciting events to come!

More than just general maintenance, ACMA Engineering Works & Trading also provides minor repair services, such from absorber and wheel bearing replacement, as well as gasket and oil seal replacement. Fully staffed by Singaporean mechanics, ACMA has a diverse service and product folio to serve all drivers.

To find out more about ACMA Engineering Works & Trading Pte Ltd, you can call 90994321 / 67107654, or visit


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