Fast Forward (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X)

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It has been three years since we last spoke to the owner of this Evolution X, but boy were we in for a surprise as this is not the same Evo he was driving before. With most of the Evo X’es registered before 2009 – there is no denying that this car was way ahead of the competition (hey WRX) with the super fast Twin Clutch SST (Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission).

Fast, comfortable enough to run errands around the island. And now with the car serving daily duty, it has to be an automatic – hence the switch to the SST Evolution X for the sake of comfort, luxury, impressive performance and daily practicality.

Being arguably Mitsubishi’s finest car to date with one of the highest power output from a two-litre turbocharged engine, it is still possible to eke out even more performance with a little tinkering about. When you have almost 300hp for a stock car, combined with features and technology that makes this one of the most track-ready cars, it’s no wonder why plenty of enthusiasts own one, and we already know of a few who have owned some.

Without wanting to blow up the SST gearbox, the engine was kept stock during its rebuild but it receives a complete Intercooler piping upgrade for the tingling sensation of hearing a turbo whoosh. A carbon fibre radiator cooling plate may look like a dress-up item, but it serves double duty to direct air flow efficiently from grille to the radiator for better cooling.

Mitsubishi’s engineers had created a brand new platform and the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) vehicle dynamics control system which regulates drive torque and braking force at each wheel… and that is why it is left untouched during the makeover.

Why not the wilder previous Evo XI? While they are much faster machines, the Evo X was picked because of its distinction of being Mitsubishi’s one-car-do-all, by being less extremely involved, but less tiring for long distance cruising.

Of course, it isn’t fully stock per se.Transmitting the fearsome bite of the brakes are highly rigid Advan wheels in 18 inch. While growling a nice tone at idle, the upgraded exhaust on this will make you feel its presence once you stomp the gas. The deep burble of the Fujitsubo exhaust builds up to a throaty bellow once the turbo hits the sweet spot.

The cockpit is punctuated by the array of Defi gauges for coolant and oil temperature, oil temperature as well as boost levels. Coming from another Evo X, many familiar parts have found their way into their new home – such as the exterior accessories and aero kits.

With the right mods, a selection of the right parts, a standard mass-produced high-performance car which looks largely like the standard Lancer on the inside, is capable of thrilling the soul and stirring the emotions.

Perhaps Mitsubishi made this car as a testament to the perfect four-door family car, a market segment which manufacturers are gradually shying away from as families move towards crossover cars. With Mitsubishi going eco-friendly and battling investor demands – it will be a long, long time until we see something this wild ever to roll off the Mitsubishi factory.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Carbon radiator cooling plate
ETS Air Intake Kit
Fully rebuilt 4B11
Fujitsubo twin exhaust

Recaro seats
Defi gauges water temp oil temp boost
Apexi turbo timer
Defi VSD
OMP deep dish steering wheel
Ralliart pedals
Alpine Head unit

Custom front bonnet dragon nose
Varis front bumper with canard
Repainted Brembo calipers
Advan racing 18 inch rims
Side skirt under tray
Craft square carbon wing mirror
Varis carbon gt wing with stand
Full Customised Ducatus Track Racing Decal Design With Full Car Wrap by Visionworkz


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