Stretched Imagination (Toyota CH-R)

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Toyota’s C-HR needs little introduction – its high riding coupe stance was a major design leap especially for Toyota, which has always played “cautious” when it comes to aesthetics. This gamble paid off – we can now identify C-HRs in every shape and form (with some opting for aftermarket bodykits) in Singapore. This successful recipe paved the way for owners to customise their rides in one way or another. In-car entertainment (ICE) enthusiasts did not wait long to work with installers to deliver a fresh perspective of mobile media. This example looks like no other, with a beefed up ICE system that sounds as good as it looks!

The modest exterior does not portray the amount of audio performance on this car. It has a full setup that even the most critical audiophile will approve. This Toyota C-HR owned by Lay Beng is prepared by Foon Audio Garage. The owner requested having a system made purely for audiophiles. Foon Audio Garage’s boss, Chang Foon, brought out the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Ingots amplifiers by Quartorigo – a beefy setup that is sure to whet any audiophile’s craving for top-notch sound!

The Alpine i108ED source unit and the PXA-H800 processors control the sound tuning portion, in built with 8-channel signal processing functions like Time Alignment and Crossovers Network just to name a few. Moving deeper into the system, you will be able to identify four units of Limited Edition Quartorigo INGOTS amplifiers. These amplifiers are made to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the brand. They are well known for their amplification just like how the brand started back in 1997. in this ride we can distinguish three units of INGOT 1, and one unit of INGOT 2 powering the whole system.

The three units of INGOT 1 powers the Hi, Mid and Low frequency, with 60W per channel. The PCB material is Desiderio, with a redesigned circuitry: new top quality capacitors, burr-brown ICs on the inputs and new handmade transformers. The INGOT 2, which is hidden below the compartment, powers the subwoofer in Mono mode of 400W.

Both amplifiers have different and better performances compared to their silver twins in the present range of products. They have a better control and “warmth” on the midbass, and an improved detail on the mid frequencies, making them perfect for competition use as well. Production is limited to 300 pieces for each model, for a total of 600 amplifiers.

Drivers sitting at the front were the 20th Anniversary Speakers from Quartorigo, which is part of the 600 sets limited worldwide. These were launched in September in Singapore. A 6.5 inch Midwoofer, 3.5 inch Midrange and 28mm Tweeter guarantees sublime sound quality throughout all ranges of the sound spectrum. The structure of the speakers follow its reference series “Grandiso”, using a special paper cone material with resin coating for its Midwoofer and Midrange. The 28mm tweeter was constructed in a CNC chamber housing.

Both the Mid and Tweeter sit in a customised A Pillar, handcrafted by Foon himself. The Midbass sits at the original location in the door with a customised door panel. A 10-inch subwoofer (SQ250.2) from SO Audio sits in a custom sealed enclosure at the trunk.

Quartorigo’s products are 100 per cent made in Italy – every single part of the products are made, purchased and produced in Macerata, Italy. Beautiful and neat craftsmanship can be seen in this installation from Foon Audio Garage.

A simple listen was more than sufficient to justify the countless hours spent to perfect the sound quality of this ride. The mids and highs are accurate, while the bass is ever ready to pump distortion-free beats on demand. Never judge the book by its cover – this Toyota C-HR is far from mainstream!


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