Bring Big Guns (Nissan GT-R)

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“This vehicle should not be modified” said the manual. Well guess what Nissan, no one really heeded your instructions. Since 2007, the GT-R is the tarmac munching, fire spewing, attention grabbing monster from Japan that isn’t Godzi…oops.

There isn’t any segment of aftermarket treatment that the GT-R hasn’t undergone. Naturally, the performance guys will do anything to squeeze as much as 2,500 horses out of the twin turbo 3.8 litre block – while the styling guys will do everything to widen the already wide body even further.

With little to no news of the new GT-R, it can be said that Nissan is running dry of ideas of how to make their monster better. 
Thankfully, there are tuning companies which have their own idea of the perfect GT-R, and it takes quite a lot of thinking to create the perfect product.

The true spirit of any GT-R owner wanting to modify his ride starts with more power. Lots more power. The first stage was to upgrade the breathing with larger intercooler, pipings, air intakes and hoses. The next step was to push more of the existing modifications – with an uprated turbocharger and stronger actuators to handle the extra levels of boost.

While the power gains were very satisfying, this didn’t stop BMS Motorsports from pursuing even more. Bigger pumps and injectors were added to the potent mix for yet another healthy bump in the power levels. By this stage, the stock gearbox was starting to slip under the punishing torque the engine was pushing out, and it was quickly upgraded with an assortment of Dodson Motorsports internals to move all that torque to the wheels.

Still, this is nowhere near the 2,500hp, 6-second quartermile monster. This was build to conquer Sepang – and it sure did on its maiden outing. A combination of power with the best handing in the business saw it do one flying lap around the famous F1 circuit in Malaysia.

To translate extra power into fewer seconds, is the combined effort of an extensive undercarriage upgrade which starts with a set of quality coilovers from APi Racing. Type RR Coilovers with external reservoirs keep the car low, and firmly sprung with a consistent damping throughout any track session.

Nissan may have engineered the GT-R to be the best on the roads, but not the best on the track. Going beyond the comfort levels set by Nissan, BMS opted to fully kit out the GT-R with a slew of Hardrace suspension tuning parts. Items like the anti roll bars, camber arms and toe control aid in increasing the level of response and grip from the tyres.

To push the performance envelope even further, the driver would be hammering through all the bumps in the bid to get as close to the ideal racing line as possible. Combined with a lowered car, this can cause bump steer especially cars like the GT-R, which uses a rear multi-link setup.

This is where the Hardrace rear traction rods come into play, with allows for more breathing room to the for a smoother camber curve change and toe angles through the wheel movement, therefore lessening the bump steer. Lastly, all these suspension enhancements did away with the original bushings, in favour for hardened rubber as well as pillowball bushings for less deflection under load and greater control.

“Modest” power gains it may have, ferocity in braking is delivered with new track-specific compound brake pads and slotted rotors to keep the immense braking heat in check. The GT-R ain’t a lightweight fighter, but it rails around the corners with the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 tyres that deliver the grip needed for supreme cornering – yet comfortable and street-friendly enough to do the 500km cruise back to Singapore.

Having a GT-R is special commitment considering how much it can do at the hands of a skilled driver. As such, a bit more aero can help to eke out the best performance that this bruiser can deliver. A combination of Varis, Esprit aero bits help to keep the airflow stead around this beast, while the Top Secret keeps the heart’s heat in check – After all, this monster only begs for more laps – it is the ultimate track experience!

Nissan GT-R

HKS Intercooler Cores
Greddy Intake Manifold
Greddy Intercoolers Pipings
Greddy Blow Off Valves
ETS Air Intakes with K&N Filters
Forge Silicone Hoses
Forge Radiator Reservoir Tank
DeatschWerks 1000cc Injectors
DeatschWerks Fuel Pumps
IHI Uprated Turbochargers with Forge Actuators
Ecutek Tuned
Boost Logic Engine/Transmission Mounts
Dodson Internals

APi Racing Type RR Coilovers with External Reservoirs
Hardrace Front Anti Roll Bar
Hardrace Rear Anti Roll Bar
Hardrace Rear Traction Rods
Hardrace Rear Camber Arms
Hardrace Rear Toe Control Arms
Hardrace Front Upper Camber Arms
Hardrace Rear Knuckle Bushings
Hardrace Pillowball Bushings
Dixcel Type FS Front & Rear Brakes Rotors
Hawk DTC 60 Front & Rear Brake Pads
SSR Executor Customised 20-inch 3-Pc
Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT Tyres

Varis Aero Sports Carbon Fibre Kits
Esprit GT Wing
Top Secret Carbon Fibre Bonnet


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