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If you think you’ve seen the best of slumber luxury, you haven’t been treated to the world of Happily Wrong. The Singapore-based company has taken the art of sleeping cosy to the next level with the new Blanket+. 

Designed to ensure warmth and promised cosiness, the blanket comes with sleeves that allow for easy usage of electronic devices from the comfort of one’s bed. Even turning the pages of a good book has been made easier without the constant hassle of getting into an ideal position right after each toss and turn. 

Apart from Blanket+, Happily Wrong extends their line to products that allow you to see the bigger picture in life. Printed on both tees and tote bags, the WordSearch series acts as a form of constant motivation to its wearer, that, there’s always more to life than seeing it from just one angle. 

For more information, visit happilywrong.myshopify.com


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