On The Roll (Techneat Pte Ltd)

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We kick off with a brief history of Techneat. They started off as a small car wash shop in a fuel station in Macpherson – gaining plenty of customers with to their attention to detail. Moving along with the times, they eventually ventured into retailing car accessories, and finally opening their full-fledged workshop with a wide variety of services.

Helmed by Mr. Andy Toh, this successful shop has expanded to offer tyres and aftermarket wheels, following his vision of creating a “one-stop shop”. Some of his customers have been patronising his services since he began washing their cars 20 years ago! “Being honest is the key,” said Mr. Andy.

Recently, Techneat received the Top Achiever award for Neuton Tyres. Founded in 2006, Neuton Tyres is a proprietary brand under YHI Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd, offering a range of tyres that feature performance, safety, comfort and durability in over 80 countries. Neuton Tyres manufacture tyres for a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from passenger cars, SUVs, 4X4 all-terrain vehicles, to light trucks and vans.

“First time I heard about Neuton Tyres was 9 years ago,” said Mr. Andy Toh. “Many were unfamiliar with the brand, but they are familiar with YHI Corporation. Thus, many see it as a safe choice.”

Backed by strong warranty and a good quality record, it was easy to explain to customers about the tyres. Through plenty of positive customer feedback and referrals, plus its excellent value for money proposition, Neuton Tyres quickly became one of the best sellers at Techneat.

The fast-growing Neuton Tyres’ value for money comes with a low sticker price – enough to attract people away from purchasing parallel imported tyres – which offer little to no form of warranty after installation. In contrast, Neuton Tyres are made with focus on performance, safety, comfort and durability factors in order to meet the evolving lifestyle demands of automotive users worldwide.

With plenty of experience, we asked Mr. Andy to share about some of the most common tyre-related problems and share some tips to keep tyres in tip top shape.

“Usually, it’s the driver. Many will never perform tyre rotation at recommended intervals and check tyre pressures at least once a month. Many problems have surfaced as a result, such as uneven wear.”

“Tyres should be balance-checked every 10,000 km, and it pays to ensure that your car’s suspension is in good working order. Proper tyre shine is okay to use, and will keep tyres looking good and protect them from the sun, but only apply a thin layer.”

“Last but not least, compromised suspension components such as loose ball joints, worn wheel bearings, blown shock absorbers, springs or bushings can cause several tyre problems, but many people will blame the tyres instead of the car.”

Techneat Pte Ltd is located at 8 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 #03-38/39/40. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/sgtechneat or call 96910887.


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