Little Hero (Mitsubishi Space Star)

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While the Attrage is practically everywhere in Singapore, someone certainly took a big gamble to call the smaller Attrage a Space Star. Not to be mistaken as the Space Wagon or Space Gear – which were sold here as well.

But for many people, the Space Star is a very affordable way of private transportation. But a few (we would like to think, the one and only) – have participated in motorsports with this car.

Don’t scoff at this little hatchback just yet. A Swedish company, Mpart AB, took the Mirage (as it is called there), shoved in a smaller Mitsubishi 4B11 engine, four-wheel-drive system to create the insanely fast Mirage R5.

It is proof that this little car can take on much more than it was originally designed for – plus when it gets mated to an owner who dares to take the car to the limits – you’ll find this particular car competing in both local and events in Malaysia!

Being limited by local regulations, there is no special little 4B11, but the original 3A92 – tweaked and fettled for a bit more oomph by Gary’s for a better punch, along with removing the CVT lag . There is also a few mods to further up the throttle response, namely a homemade cold air feed which runs to the front grill of the car.

Being a small nimble car, the focus here was more on making sure it would dart and dash past all the cones in Gymkhana events. The skinny wheels had to go, and in went nice thick 6.5J wheels paired up with the defacto performance tyre, the Yokohama AD08R.

Since the Space Star is relatively new in our market, she looked towards Malaysia – where the Mirage was sold for the past six years. Scoring a good set of coilovers, plus custom spring rates for a soft rear setup, the handling of the car was significantly improved – a far cry from the old lowering spring/spring stiffener combination she started out with.

A CVT equipped car can be a formidable competitor as the engine is always on the boil and power is constantly delivered to the wheels, even though corners. And to keep her from sliding around in the car, a semi-bucket seat combined with a racing harness (stowed for daily use) did the trick.
Having to use the very same car for daily duties – and then driving up to as far as Penang to compete without tearing the whole dar down, it’s a little wonder. Perhaps, this could be the most fun you can have in a car without wrecking the bank account. Slow? Maybe, but life is not about how fast you drive down a straight road…

Mitsubishi Space Star

MI2 Boost Speed E-Drive Throttle
Extended Cold Air Intake
ECU and Transmission Tunning by Gary’s Tunning

Ultra Racing front and rear strut bar
Ftune Racing Coilover 8kg front and 4kg rear
Kenny’s Camber bolt
Yokohama AD08R on 15×6.5j Wheels

SSCUS semi bucket seat
OEM Oil Temperature and Pressure Gauges

Race Livery


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