i-VUE D10

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The most common unsafe behaviors of drivers are: Drowsiness, mobile device use and driving with distractions.

The i-VUE D10 by TreeEarth safeguards you against potentially hazardous situations with real time driver monitoring with a high performance camera and an image processor,. It works by visual tracking your eyes, pupils and it will sound an alarm once it determines that the driver is in a state of drowsiness, distracted, or upon detecting facial departure from the capture zone.

Mounted on the dashboard or the windshield, with a clear view of the driver’s face, it detects the tell-tale signs of fatigue and alerts the driver to the danger with warning sounds from a built-in loudspeaker, or shakes you awake with physical vibrations with a seat belt vibrator.

Even in dark environments such as driving in tunnels or at night, it can detect the driver’s facial features. It works even if the driver is wearing prescription glasses or sunglasses.

The i-VUE D10 features interoperability with a vast variety of systems via the UART/RS232 interface. Systems include mobile digital video recorders, mobile phones, car navigation systems, GPS trackers, FMS Telematics, advanced driver-assistance systems, DTG and dash cams. It can be used for fleet management systems, with the an option of uploading data to the customer’s cloud server.

The i-VUE D10 is built tough and can easily withstand the harsh environment found in medium/heavy-duty trucks and buses as well as passenger cars. For more information, contact Wow! Gadgets at 6100 9691 or visit www.wowgadgets.com.sg.


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