Family Fun (Toyota Sienta)

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A true automotive enthusiast should appreciate anything, even if it is an oddball. This particular feature is our very definition of the perfect oddball – a car you see so commonly that you tend to ignore its presence on the road. By Singapore standards, it is a cheap car – but that has definitely attracted its own following.

In the same way the Toyota Vios became a hot favourite among motoring enthusiasts due to its light weight, sufficiently powerful engine and plethora of parts, the Sienta is quickly filling in the role with an extra 2 seats. The Sienta, along with other affordable options like the Honda Mobilio and Suzuki APV worked well as a car for people who do need seven seats but are not willing to shell out extra for a powerful car.

MPVs are quite the unsung darling of the Singapore motoring scene to the point that regular Sienta owners had to deal with random strangers opening the door and getting in, thinking it was a private hire car. This random incident, sparked off a very intense modification plan for the owner to make his ride stand out from the rest.

Being a popular car around the region, there was a surprisingly little shortage of parts that were made for the Sienta – besides, a Japanese brand car which was made to be affordable will sell by the thousands. Unlike the predecessor, the new Sienta was also assembled in countries outside Japan, making it a prime target for non-Japanese aftermarket companies to get their hands wet in forming custom parts for it.

Even TRD, the Lexus F-daddy and masters of bolt-on superchargers, got into the action with their own range of parts for the Sienta, even if they were for pure aesthetics.

No one expects a MPV to handle corners, but to this owner, the body roll was improved with the addition of aftermarket anti-roll bars – but not keen on a modest gain, he eventually went to get an entire set of undercarriage bracing to firm up the entire car. Without wanting to sacrifice the daily comfort suspension, spring stiffeners were installed to prevent the car from squatting too much under a full load. Reducing unsprung weight for better suspension performance, Enkei RPF-1’s with Yokohama’s V551 tyres were deployed as both a functional and aesthetic boost.

Engine-wise , there is still little to none that can be done to increase the power output, but there is plenty that can be done to increase the engine’s response. We find a TM Works Power Kit which is a harness that reduces the voltage loss, coupled with custom additional grounding work.

At this stage, he is toying around with a few setups on the air intake, currently, an Air Intake Response Ring, Direct Cold Air Intake, coupled with a high-flow K&N Intake Filter, inside an Air Intake Charger does seem to satisfy his initial cravings for a more responsive drive. With little to no performance bits for the engine still, there were some freed horses thanks to the Proracing Chip plus a custom engine map.

But the biggest part of standing out is definitely on the visual front. Going to great lengths to create the most unique Sienta in Singapore, his search has gone as far as Japan for hard-to-obtain exterior components. Not letting the language barrier stop him, he even went to Thailand and had a fun time with the airlines because side skirts were not exactly “snow skis”. To top it all off, CF wrapping is definitely a cost-effective way of sprucing up the car’s mean looks!

If you question the sanctity of dressing up an appliance and not a “real car” – it is basically the same as people who shell out extra dollars for RGB lighting effects on a computer. It doesn’t make you a pro-gamer, nor add performance, but it’s that satisfaction inside that counts.

Toyota Sienta

TM Works Power Kit
Air Intake Response Ring
Custom Additional Grounding
Direct Cold Air Intake
K&N Intake Filter
Air Intake Charger
Proracing Chip
Custom Engine Map – Gary’s Engineering.

Red Stiffeners
Wheel Arch Sound Proofing
Ultra Racing Sway Bar F/R
Ultra Racing Member Brace F/R
Ultra Racing Middle Member Brace
Ultra Racing Front Strut Brace
Spring Stiffeners
Yokohama V551
Enkei RPF-1
Rainbow Lock Nuts

Air Blower
DLS 3-way Front/Rear Speakers
LED Scruff Plates
LED Door Pillars
LED Interior Lighting
DrARTEX Redwind Door Silencer
Pioneer Subwoofer/Amp
Navi Steering Control
Boot Scruff Plate
CF Interior Parts
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
OBD Splitter
CF Gear Knob
CF Steering Cover
TRD Pedals

TRD Sideskirt
TRD Rear Lip
Beatsonic antenna
Side Mirror Auto Lock
Door Handle Covers
MZ Speed Bodykit
Window Shields
Samurai Lip
Modellista Rear spoiler
Custom CF Wrap
TRD Emblem
Foglight Ring


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