Euro Fighter (Honda Accord Euro R)

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Every time we see a Nardo grey car, we always get into an argument about what kind of car body style the colour suits best. Generally, that argument always ends up with the sedan being the most befitting of this unique colour.

It is definitely a trend that is catching on for high-performance scene. We’ve had Lancer Evolutions, Civic Type Rs, and now, a Honda Accord Euro R – which has the right amount of Euro-styling elements to complement the colour, adding it to the list of colours we like on the Euro R which includes: Red, blue, white, brown and yellow.

While the world is slowly switching to smaller, turbo engines for the sake of emissions regulations – there is, and will be nothing on earth that will come close to the raw feel of a highly strung, large capacity naturally aspirated engine.

The K20 is the only engine that we know so far that satisfies both the “stock as a rock” and “mod until gao” parties. Even in factory configuration, it’s a smooth powerhouse that will excite almost every driver – and it is highly accommodating to well designed performance parts without wetting itself too much.

The modifications are well thought out as well: Instead of slapping on the biggest intake manifolds on the planet, the Honda RBC manifold was swapped in for the least pump loss in the low to mid range rpm, while allowing the engine to perform better once the VTEC lobes click. Combined with an open pod intake for that purr-fect intake growl, the next step was making sure the engine made full use of the rush of air.

Not all K20s were made the same, but one can make one outperform by casually slipping in parts from a more powerful K20, namely, the conrods, oil pump and crankshaft. Fit lighter forged pistons, a wilder cam profile, stronger valve springs and larger injectors – that sets this block on the way to making much more power than it was before.

N/A engines love exhaust modifications – and that is where the power gainz come from. Free flowing exhaust, paired up with a performance exhaust header ensures that the flow won’t rob power from the engine. Running on a Integra Type R ecu, further parameters were fine tuned with a Hondata Kpro for the best possible power output!

Even the gearbox has been tuned with a 5.33 final drive ratio for a reduction in all gearing. While the Accord Euro R wasn’t designed around a circuit, replacing the 4-5-6 gears with those from a DC5 meant shorter gears for better acceleration.

Power means nothing without precision handling with minor reinforcement additions to the already-stiff chassis, the handling is further tuned with coilovers as well as tweakable suspension components to keep it planted under full power cornering. The “weaker” stock brakes, had to make way for the Brembo front brake calipers, along with strong-bite brake pads for the ultimate screaming to a stop action.

Raising the handling bar, hardrace front and rear camber kit and lightened lower arm for move geometry adjustments, plus an 19mm rear anti roll bar to keep the car rotating well on the circuit. Ultimately, the choice of rubber: High-performance Pirelli P-zeros tyres with lightweight wheels ensure that no bump shall unsettle this finely tuned racer from the line.

Being apt at both a daily transporter and a track warrior, the interior sees very little change, save for the addition of track-use gauges from Defi and Apexi, a nice slick Spoon short shifter paired with a weighted Blox knob and a deep Nardi 350mm steering wheel.

Wild on the inside, graceful on the outside, the Js carbon fibre bonnet provides substantial weight savings, while hinting at the ferocity which lives under it. It’s a fantastic scheme which keeps growing on us. Rare it may be, but great it shall always be!

Honda Accord Euro R

WiSeco Piston 87mm
FD2R Conrod, oil pump, crankshaft
BC stage 3 cam
Toda valve spring
RDX 410cc injector
Injen Open Pod Air Intake
S90 70mm throttle body
HKS Exhaust
Toda header
Hondata Kpro
Ported RBC intake manifold
Final drive 5.33
DC5R gearing 4,5,6

Mitin Coilover
Hardrace front and rear camber kit
Hardrace lower arm
Cusco Front top Strut Bar
Ultra racing 19mm anti roll bar
Ultra racing rear 4 point bar
Wedssport SA 70 with
Pirelli p-zero 225/45R17
Brembo 4 pot brake caliper
Dixcel type Z brake pad
Stainless steel brake hose

Defi Gauges (Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Press,)
Spoon short shifter
Blox gear knob
Nardi 350mm steering wheel
Hkb boss kit
Apexi rev/speed meter

Nardo grey paintwork
Js Carbon fibre bonnet
Mugen window visors


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