V8 Wonderland (Audi S5 4.2 V8)

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The world is downsizing with turbos. Even though they go tsutsutsutsu, there is still nothing as emotionally arousing as the natural deep growl of a V8, be it the flat plane or a cross plane.

This was enough to coax a JDM lover out from his four-banger Swift Sport into one of these super coupes. The magical roar of the V8 was too much for him to resist, plus the Audi S5 had just the right look, with the right engine – but not in stock form.

Powerful luxury coupes are a rare breed, even so those equipped with a German V8. You could have a M3, or a C63, and there is this oddball of the lot, the S5 with the “lesser” V8 from the Audi range. But there is a lot going for this practical coupe – big boot, some space for four humans, rumbly V8, swoopy coupe – done.

The A5 was first Audi to get a new front/mid-engined layout as well to keep the weight between the front and rear axles to improve the handling, and it has the all-wheel drive which is an advantage when the roads get slippery.

But none of these high-tech really mattered to the owner when he decided to go for the S5, it was a picture of an A5 decked out in a full Tommy Kaira Rowen Bodykit – but unlike the A5, this S5 had the serious muscle to go with the race-inspired looks of the kit. And we think this has to be one of the best looking Japanese – German partnership ever. The rear wing was the only non-Tommy Kaira bit as he wanted a more classy look.

While the engine probably had potential with a few more bolt ons parts, the decision was made to keep it as simple as possible as the engine glugged petrol even in stock form – the addition of the air intake as well as an exhaust system was simply done to release the sweet sounding vocals of the V8 pulses.

Where most of the mods done was to keep this car handling better. A Bilstein B12 Pro Kit lowered it mildly for the right look with a sporty feel that isn’t a chore to drive around – even around multi-storey car parks.

Giving the car a lower look are the huge 20” Forge wheels, barely concealing the giant brake setup with Brembos GT6s. The brake rotors were upsized as well to contend with the driver’s tendency to let the V8 sing its tune down on a fast cruise… should the unexpected happen.

Even if it does, the initial bite of the Hawk HPS brake pads will furiously slow this sleek beast instantly and furiously, an important factor when you consider that a fast cruise has a very different meaning in another country that is north of Singapore. That’s right, Germany’s Autobahn. For a sense of full control, high-speed rated ContiSportsContact 5 tyres plus H&R front and rear anti roll bars were fitted to keep it from swaying too far off the line..

While the interior of German cars are almost as teutonic as they are, nothing will ever stop a JDM guy from throwing in several toys to spice things up. A small controller hints at the Pedalbox throttle control for some seriously quick acceleration, thanks to a custom Tune2Race Stage 2 Tune of 380bhp.

Lasly, a full carbon interior trim makeover completed the project. Who would have thought that the marriage of Japanese aftermarket madness with some German sensibility could work so well?

Audi S5 4.2 V8

LTA approve SuperSprint Cat Back Exhaust.
BMC Air Intake

Bilstein B12 Pro Kit absorber set.
20” forge rims
Front Brembos GT6 with Braking Point 380mm rotors.
Rear upsize Braking Point 355 mm rotors
Front and rear Hawk HPS brake pads
ContiSportsContact 5 tyres
H&R front and rear anti roll bar.

Pedalbox throttle control
Tune2Race Custom Stage 2 Tune to 380bhp
Full carbon interior trim

Full Tommy Kaira Rowen Body kit.
Character rear Spoiler


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