Music Machine (Toyota Harrier)

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A decked-out Toyota Harrier might sound like an ambitious project, but the owner behind this brave proposal knows that risks will pay off if executed perfectly. For a start, the Harrier provides a good platform to both improvise and execute mobile media projects, with ample cabin space to perform custom ideas. More specifically, the SUV’s trunk also furnishes the user with a proper stage to showcase the desired outcome, whenever the need arises for it to be displayed at mobile media competitions. This ride is owned by Mr Tang, who is in the F&B business, and we reckon that he does know a thing or two about in-car audio (ICE) given the output of this well crafted project!

Mr Tang’s last ride was the very first version of the Harrier, which is why it comes as no surprise that he knows very well the fundamentals of this SUV. This time round, he decided to make the switch to a newer model. What is interesting though is that he consulted Xtremez Audio for both of his rides, as Mr Tang felt that they would always go the extra mile for customers. And we could definitely see how he was captivated by Xtremez Audio’s wonderful workmanship and excellent service standard.

Starting off with the Source Unit will be the W957 from Alpine. It is a 2 din, 7-inch touch screen player that links up with the H800GC processor. In the front passenger compartment, you will be able to identify the Brax Matrix 3-way system. Taking the pillar’s position is the 1.1 chamber tweeter. Sitting on the dashboard will be the 2.1 chamber dome midrange.

The original door panel position plays host to the 6.1pp. These Brax Matrix speakers are one of the reference series, made in Germany by Audiotec Fischer company. No compromises by Mr Tang and Xtremez Audio, which is why the result turned out nothing short of spectacular!

We would understand the true beauty of this project once we shift our focus rearwards. In the trunk, you will be welcomed by a full display of Brax equipment – the 10.1 subwoofer sits within a customised sealed enclosure, protected by a customised acrylic hexagon grill.

The visual impact is strong, but complements the audio aspect to yield a pleasant experience for the senses right from the get-go.

3 units of Brax Graphic series amplifiers sit neatly side by side, with 8 channels of pure power. 1 unit of GX2400 powers the tweeter and midrange with 150 Watts per channel. Another 2 units of GX2000 with 1 powering the midbass with 2 x 290 Watts, and 1 unit bridged powering the subwoofer with 1 x 1060 Watts.

They are Made in Germany with the highest precision and installed with the best craftsmanship with proper air ventilation. The result? A fantastic work of art, worthy to be identified as one of the more refined mobile media projects on local tarmac.


Once again, Xtremez Audio has shown its flawless installation technique, which is no mean feat considering the level of detail placed to ensure each and every component works perfectly, regardless of the music genre. We will expect to see this Harrier in action during Emma Singapore competitions very soon this year. All the best!


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