The 12-Volt “Shelf”

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A new start up called Vehroot is offering an in-dash “Shelf” that replaces a car radio and creates a dock for any phone or tablet. The dock offers wireless charging and includes Bluetooth APTX HD with better-than-CD-quality for phones and tablets that support it. Otherwise, it streams at typical Bluetooth audio quality.

The Shelf is software-updatable. Users remove the radio and replace it with the Vehroot shelf. The phone or tablet sits on the shelf with grips to keep the phone in place. Users can stream music over Bluetooth to the car’s sound system, and control the device through the factory steering wheel controls.

Users get all their phone functions at their fingertips with fast wireless charging. The unit has RCA outputs for adding an amp and subs and comes with built in 50-Watt by 4 power. The front buttons on the Shelf are capacitive touch buttons, including a button for activating Siri or Google or Cortana voice control. Vehroot plans to produce a run of 1,000 Shelfs in the next few months. The Shelf is expected to carry a price of USD$500. Vehroot has two patents pending on the Shelf.


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