Sexy Sequence

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M.A.D.Gallery presents “Sequential”, an avant-garde exhibit of automotive works by talented French sculptor Antoine Dufilho. In this collection, Dufilho merges his passion for cars with principles from his studies in medicine and architecture, creating modern sculptures accentuating the classic curves of coveted automobiles.

The exhibition includes a line-up of eight famed automobiles, from a Ferrari 250 GTO and Porsche 356 to a Mercedes W196 Streamliner, scaled-down (about 75cm long) and transformed into artistic renditions.

The Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic demonstrates the expertise of Dufilho: it decomposes the sleek lines and shapes of the vehicle into successive layers materialising into a modern automotive framework and revealing the contour of the car. “This sequenced representation provides a kinetic effect as the observer views the piece from different perspectives causing the sensation of a static object in movement.” explains the artist.

Working completely out of his workshop, constructed with shipping containers and situated in the Northern part of France in a town named Quesnoy-sur-Deule, Dufilho manually builds each masterpiece by hand. Using local resources, he incorporates materials such as metals, wood, resin, and paint from vendors within a 30 km radius of his studio for his projects. For Dufilho, each project brings its own challenges in workmanship, manufacturing time completely varying from one model to another.


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