Scarlet Rain (Honda Civic)

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From the standpoint of enthusiasts who like to modify cars, the Honda Civic is easily one of the most satisfying car to enhance, due to the ease of finding parts either to beautify or improve the performance of their daily hauler.

Quite unlike its born-to-race Honda Civic Type R brethren, the much more subtle Honda Civic is your standard typical commuter sedan – but with plenty of enthusiastic owners. With such widespread adoption of the new platform, the explosion of aftermarket parts for the new Civic soon occurred, giving owners a virtually unlimited customization options for their FD rides.

Work on the engine for naturally aspirated cars is always a standard affair. Instead of splurging out on extensive mods which, a simple Hurricane Air filter and a HKS exhaust takes care of the airflow and inducing more growl, then it was tuned with a Unichip for better low end torque.

With a 2.0-litre engine, this Civic is far from slow. Handling was on the top priority, and the original sway bars were upgraded with a big diameter rear bar, while the front gets the Type R treatment. Under the skin, hide front fender braces as well as strut tower bars.

While big wheels may look good, a good compromise of lowered looks and comfortable handling could only be achieved with a good set of coilovers and reasonably sized wheels. Here, we have D2 coilovers lowered to near maximum, and 17-inch original lightweight wheels from Rays – which help lower the unsprung weight and keep the car supple over bumps.

Braking is overlooked as well, with API Racing four-piston brake kit squeezed into the wheels and matched with a set of high temperature brake pads. A perfect complement for this show-stopper if you may ask!

With the original car’s dull red was an eyesore, the entire car was redone in a brilliant candy red which does make it pop under the sun. Not just wanting to look like any other Type R, a Mugen RR inspired front bumper, side skirt, rear bumper, carbon fiber bonnet and front grill were the key to this car’s good looks. The fenders were a custom one-off design, combined with addition lower lip all-round the car, nicely adds to the aggressive look by visually lowering the car even further.

While the average person spends an three hours a week looking at their car, the inside of this Civic is where one can spend an entire week in joy. Nestled in bucket seats, strapped down with harnesses, facing a dashboard with full carbon fiber, gauges for almost every performance data, and a custom “Rising Sun” roof lining, the interior is definitely a tuner’s dream.

More to that, the whole car has been themed right, from the red exterior, to the red ambient lighting. If this amount of red won’t get your senses racing, perhaps the EMMA-quality ICE system will with an advanced Pioneer head unit, with a sweet-sounding combination of Hertz and Omni drivers.


There are many nice and wild Civics Type Rs out there, a handful of Mugen RRs, but exceptionally done Civics? Definitely rare!

Honda Civic

Hurricane Air filter
HKS exhaust
Unichip tuned

Volk Rays TE37 17x9JJ forged rim
API Racing 4 pot Big Brake Kit
D2 Coilovers
Ultra Racing front n rear strut bar
Ultra Racing fender brace bar
Type R front anti roll bar
Summit Racing rear anti-roll/sway bar

Bride Stradia 2 semi bucket seat
Sabelt racing harness
Full carbon fiber dashboard and gear console
Greddy Gauges
Defi Advance ZD
Custom “Rising Sun” roof lining
Mugen carbon fiber auto-to-manual gearknob
Civic TypeR push start
Red neon ambience light bar
Red LED legroom light
Pioneer AVH-X5750BT headunit
Hertz x 4 tweeter
Hertz front n back speakers
OMNI full range speakers
Hertz amplifier
Hertz 10” subwoofer

Candy Red custom paintwork
Mugen RR front bumper, side skirt & rear bumper
Mugen RR carbon fiber bonnet & front grill
Voltex Type 5 carbon fiber GT wing
Spoon side mirror
Custom vented fenders
Custom front lip
Universal side skirt lip
Kansai rear bumper diffuser
Custom designed HID headlights
EGR protector eyelid


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