Meet The Stancer (Mitsubishi Lancer EX)

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The Mitsubishi Lancer. One can dream of immersing oneself in the full Japanese culture and festivities, while frolicking under the blooming cherry blossoms. Or here at least, we can enjoy real JDM cars, such as the Mitsubishi Lancer.

We’ve featured tons of CS Lancers – making the seventh generation Lancer one of the most popular models, making it a huge success against the seventh generation Civic. Even as the eighth generation Lancers started rolling off the showroom floor, the older gen Lancers were still being sold alongside.

But the CY Lancer, a.k.a Lancer EX, does have a good following as well, mostly swayed by the new 2.0-litre, MIVEC engine and RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) chassis. Naturally, enthusiasts will flock to the ultra pumped-up Lancer CZ4.. a.k.a the Evolution X – leaving the CY Lancer to fill in the general market.

With the exception being the Lancer EX GT Ralliart, the Lancer EX is an extremely capable super long distance cruiser unlike the previous generation. With a grand touring setup, it was bigger, had a more supple suspension setup than the small sedan… which brings us to the point, its actual name is the Galant Fortis.

Galant or Lancer, does it matter? The INVECS-III 6-speed CVT meant that it was an extremely easy and smooth car to drive. And being such a nice car to begin with – meant it was popular with a tuning style from the West – the “Stance Movement”.

Rather than ruin an Evo X, ardent fans of lowered cars could get all of the Evo X’s low looks with the practicality and lower running costs of the standard sedan. And this stylish modification journey doesn’t need to cost much. A handful of tweaking was all that is needed to achieve its current aesthetics…

Styling it up started with 18-inch Work Meister S1, chosen as the chunky design was best suited for the Lancer’s big body, were installed with moderately stretched tyres. To achieve the lowered look, were the job of the BC V1 coilovers which offered the maximum amount of ride height lowering. Of course, to tuck these wheels into the car were extra camber adjustments with a new rear camber arm and a customised camber plate for the extra squat.

That doesn’t mean a stance car can’t enjoy some good performance upgrades. With a deep bassy growl from the HKS exhaust, and extra stopping power from the upgraded front brakes, it offers plenty of go with the show as well.

The interior of the car is strictly optional when building on the stance ideas, but dedicated enthusiasts will add to the car’s appeal with useful accessories such as racing inspired seats with essential information gauges on the dashboard for the extra wow factor in the build.

Last but not least, while many can get away with a standard looking car, nothing will hurt more than dressing up the exterior with a racy by kit, to complete the conversion of a mainstream car to a truly bespoke and visually arresting creation!

Mitsubishi Lancer

HKS exhaust

18-inch Work Meister S1
Drift racing bbk
BCV1 coilovers
Rear camber arm
From customised camber plate

Bucket seats
Gauge meters

Customised Body Kit


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