Boss Mode (Toyota Alphard)

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Mobile media haulers can be described as highly distinctive modes of transport, given that its desirability depends on the personality of the project owner. One can opt for a simple, clean-cut setup, while explore the other spectrum and we might be tempted to indulge in a full-fledged, gung-ho plan right from the get-go.

But we are aware that the type of vehicle the project is based on is crucial in determining the success of the project. And in our opinion, not many comes close to a Toyota Alphard, as it boasts unrivalled cabin space for the owner to execute its in-car entertainment (ICE) project without compromises. Its limo-like qualities include plenty of headroom and legroom, and a smooth ride quality for a fuss free shuttle, regardless of any tarmac irregularity.

This 2016 Toyota Alphard is owned by, Mr Long, also known as “Dragon”. He went to Xtremez Audio initially for a simple ICE setup. But after a few months, he realised the potential of his Alphard, and the urge to make his ride sound even better was too strong!

Starting with the headunit, we will be able to notice the Alpine X009, which is a perfect fit made for this model. It is connected to the Mosconi DSP 8to12 aerospace signal processor. This state of the art device has a sample rate of 192KHz / 24bit, which is a very high resolution for what is available in the car audio industry. It is also equipped with the professional functions of the tuning world, which includes Time Alignment, Independent L/R EQ and 12 channel crossover settings.

This is linked directly to three units of Mosconi AS series amplifiers in the trunk – AS100.4 powers the Hi and Mid frequencies, one unit of AS200.2 powers the Midbass and another unit powers the subwoofer. These Mosconi electronics are manufactured in Fossombrone, Italy, and they have already won multiple awards in various competitions, along with product innovations awards.

Taking position on the custom A pillars are the Micro Precision Z Studio Tweeter and Midrange. On the original door panel position sits the Z Studio 170 Midbass.

These drivers do not require much introduction if you are an audiophile, as they are very well known internationally for its clear reproduction. Moreover, these speakers are produced in very limited quantities in Germany. Until today, studios in Germany still use this same cone technology because of its clarity. During the World War in the 1940s, these same Z cones were used for military communication also because of its clear reproduction.

In the trunk, you will be welcomed by a very beautiful display with the highest craftsmanship from Xtremez Audio – accurate measurements and attention to detail can be seen clearly. The pristine workmanship is further amplified by the amount of space the installer is able to work with, too! The Gladen subwoofer, Zero Pro 12, which is also made in Germany, sits neatly under the plexi glass in a sealed enclosure. It is in charge of producing distortion-free bass, and it does its job to perfection!

This Toyota Alphard yields beautiful sound reproduction. One of the best staging can be heard when you take the driver’s seat – every single detail was catered for, and the effect is a wonderful experience. Superb sound tuning played a part – kudos to Xtremez Audio for yet another sublime mobile media project!


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