Versatile Warrior (Honda Vezel)

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When we scrutinise all aspects of crossovers, we might hardly find one that ticks all the right boxes, if we factor in value, performance, functionality and style in the mix. We’ve featured countless crossovers, and certainly not the first Honda Vezel. This gives us a good indication that the Vezel’s platform is versatile enough to please every member of the family. Its engine has a motor with sufficient punch, and yet returns highly respectable kilometres per litre. It has proper seats – certainly presentable considering that it is a crossover. But it does not compromise on aesthetics too, with a slightly sloping roofline and other visual cues to make it one of the most popular modes of transport in Singapore.

With these strong attributes, it will come as no surprise that owners looking to customise their ride will have a solid foundation to work with. There will be some who will opt for purely aesthetic upgrades with aero kits and rim upgrades, but those who spend plenty of time in the car might decide on enhancing the cabin area – exactly what this example offers.

This fully ICE-d Honda Vezel is one of the masterpieces by ST Audio Master – it is one of the best available installers in Singapore and they strive their best in all aspects of in-car entertainment modifications. Mr Liang, the owner of this ride, is a thoroughbred audiophile. He brought his ride directly to Eddie, who then suggested a system configuration that will satisfy any mobile media lover!

Starting from the headunit, which is Pioneer’s 2-din multimedia flagship AVH-X8850BT, equipped with the best connectivity with our mobile phones. It is connected directly into the Helix DSP Pro MK2 processor, which provides a powerful 64-bit DA and AD converters. The incredible native resolution will ensure unparalleled sound characteristics. All pass filter option, incredible adjustment range of time alignment and switchable sound option of DA converters are the few key features, which leaves nothing to be desired due to its numerous sound optimisation options fully made in Germany.

Then it pushes its signal to the 2 units of Mosconi Zero 4 amplifiers. Mosconi’s flagship series with 2 x 100W + 2 x 145W powers the tweeter and midrange, and the other unit uses 2 x 100W for midbass and 1 x 900W for the subwoofer. These hybrid amplifiers give a different power rating for the 4 channels, which serves more value to the consumer and tuner knowing its need. Made in Italy with the highest precision parts and packaged in a full-aluminium heat sink.

The front speakers will be the Brax Matrix 3-way system.. The ML1 and ML2 sit in a fully customised A pillar for a better staging and imaging option. The ML6P midbass sits in the original door panel position, which has also been customised for the speaker to be flushed with the panel. The ML10 subwoofer sits in a customised side in the trunk, perfectly done to save the boot space for the SUV function. The Brax Matrix system is also made in Germany.

This ride is also an award winning ride – it was victorious at the 2017 EMMA Singapore Championship. Clarity with staging and imaging equipped with good tonality – attributes that make this a truly outstanding sound machine.

Given how popular the Vezel is in Singapore, it is not easy to stand out from the crowd. But this example indicates how much more appealing it can be by modifying its sound system to one that sounds like nothing else. With these upgrades, the highs and mids sound much clearer with perfect tonal accuracy, with the bass helping to beef up the low-end without any hints of distortion. A car well loved by all, sounding like no other on local tarmac. We approve!



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