Timeless Classic (Honda Civic EK4 SiR)

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What was life before internet? Cue the sixth generation Honda Civic, affectionately known by their owners by the model code: EK. The Civic EK is deeply rooted in the tuning culture since 1996. 20 years later, with internet and global shipping options: Anyone can still pick up brand new parts for any EK on the planet.

In Singapore however, it wasn’t that rosy for anyone shopping for a brand new Civic in the 90’s. Cat 2 COE prices hit over $60,000 – and the Civic was sadly launched in Singapore around the same period. However, this example was one that was quick enough to dodge the COE – being registered before the prices cowabungaed.

Introduced as a performance-oriented variant alongside the ESi and VTi, the SiR had one hell of an engine inside. Even rarer, is a 2-owner SiR. While the first owner kept the ride relatively stock, the second one was more hardcore.

The EK series was the first Civic to receive the Type R badge in 1997, as the EK9. This effectively slowed down the Integra to Civic (DB to EG) part swaps as Civics finally had an extreme model on which parts could be bolted onto regular models. With almost an unlimited catalogue of parts, the line between replacement and modifications soon blurred. With the old brake system starting to show its age, the master cylinder was replaced with a larger part made for the EK9. The benefits of a larger master cylinder? More juice to operate the 282mm front brakes from a Prelude BB.

That’s not all, the rear brakes are from the EK9 as well, however running on 282mm Odyssey 4×100 rotor. Everything under the rear is different however. The entire EK9 undercarriage replacement featured beefier lower control bars. This allowed for the use of the 22mm rear EK9 sway bar as the increased force required the use of a reinforced subframe – a duty for the ASR under subframe brace.

The biggest change in this car was the inclusion of the close ratio EK9 gearbox with LSD and a custom final drive ratio of 4.4. For the sake of cruising comfortably on long travels, yet retaining the quick acceleration that the Civic is renown for. And unlike the many EKs which we have featured over the years, this has to be the most beautifully stock of the lot.

Citing concerns over complications of engine modifications affecting the longevity of the block – he chose to keep the block as stock as possible, only adding on an air intake for the vicious snarl of the VTEC, an EK9 distributor and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

Lets not gloss over the fact that it is “stock”. Most cars aged 20 and above look so faded, this however, looks like it came straight off the factory floor. Many things have been replaced to make the car look and feel new, and it certainly felt that way. All the rubber mouldings have been changed. Everything felt so tightly screwed together, there was barely a creak or a rattle from the car at all.

The interior received several modern touches as well, a Sparco R375 steering wheel, fresh leather seats and a LED-backlit converted speedo. Despite the tons of parts available to change the look of the EK, the only visual upgrades done to this EK were the face-lifted EK bumper, Year 2000 fog lights and unbelievably, original Honda door visors.

In this world where the Civics have been modified in more ways than you can count, it’s surprisingly hard to find a good example of an OEM-plus Civic EK – it’s either bone stock or out-of-this-world levels. Onwards to another 10 years on the road buddy!

Honda Civic EK4 SiR 4M

Original B16A4 Engine,
EK9 Distributor,
EK9 Gearbox And LSD (4.4 Final Drive)
DC2R Shifter
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Whale P-Nis Intake
Full Type-R Exhaust

EK9 Brake Pump
Prelude 282mm Front Brakes
Rear EK9 Undercarriage
Odyssey 282mm Rear Brakes
EK9 Anti Roll Bar
ASR Subframe Brace,
Ultra Racing Front Tower Brace
16” RE30 Wheels

Original Sparco R375
Refreshed Leather Seats
LED Converted Gauge Cluster

Facelift Bumper
Y2000 Foglights.


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