Time for T (Audi TT)

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It’s hard to call a 2.0 litre turbo car boring, especially when a few pages ago, we were literally fanning ourselves from the delirious heat of the Civic Type R. Fancy the Germans to make a very fast car that’s not very exciting to drive – that is, if you keep it purely stock.

While the “best hot hatch” may be a German, there is no denying that the TT combines both speed and style into one unique package. Plus, having a related engine as the Golf R does pave the way to millions of possible combinations to make more power.

Digging deep into the heart, forged pistons conrods form the base formula to creating more power and reducing weight. And rarely do we find people who are so into the purchase of valve upgrades – which are important factors in the power quest since they are letting in the air into the combustion chamber. Ferrea racing valves, springs and guides find their way into the cylinder head to enhance its performance reliability under extreme heat and pressure.

Further observing the engine bay, this demure animal went into full beast mode with the addition of the beefed up aluminum intake – and that is only the beginning. Such an intake needs to be forcibly fed, which is the duty of the Loba turbo upgrade, featuring a forged compressor rotor, which is lighter, yet boosts a lot more. Little of the extra boost goes to waste with the upgraded intercooler and a diverter valve with a stronger housing and diaphragm to hold more pressure.

Feeding air into the system is a free-er flowing MST Performance intake. In order to keep up with the increased fuel needs, Audi RS4 injectors were used in place of the originals, and the fuel pump was upgraded to provide the pressure for the RS4 guns to work their best. As with many turbo cars, a methanol injection system was included for a burst of instant power with a super cool intake temperature. Plenty of gases being sucked in means plenty of waste – no problem for the bassy Bastuck exhaust system to get rid of them all.

Finally, to bring all of them working together harmoniously, is a custom dyno-tested ECU tuning by Monster Tune. How much? Way more than the stock limited slip differential (LSD) and gearbox could take – which warranted the use of a Quaife LSD to keep the front wheels firmly pointed straight even on heavy launches and a Kate cool DSG cooler to keep the gearbox from destroying itself from all the extra torque.

Handling all the power is a collection of reinforcements as well as additions to the suspension. Starting from firmly bolting the engine to the frame, 034 dogbone and mountings keep the engine from torque-wrenching itself off. Upgraded sway bars at both ends, the chassis flex is firmly dealt with with the addition of a Unibrace. While the TT roars on the launch, an anti-lift kit adds extra caster to the Bilstein B16 coilover setup for better straight-line stability.

Let’s not forget braking too. Front AP Racing brake kits pro500 6pot, hidden in huge Enkeis with super sticky Yokohama AD08R tyres – brings all the fun to a safe and controllable stop. Keeping exterior modifications to a minimum, most of the aesthetic budget was spent indoors – an absolutely stunning Robson carbon steering wheel and sport seats welcome the driver to a a very lush interior, while seducing his with a rich-sounding Focal 3way speaker & sound system.

If anything, the only thing that hints at the monster under the skin, is the gauge. Beep boop, gone in under six seconds!

Audi TT

Monster Custom tune
Wossner Forged Pistons & Conrods
Ferrea Valves, Valve Springs & Valve Guides
RS4 Injectors
HPA Manifold
Loba High Pressure Fuel Pump
LOBA LO420 TurboCharger Kit
Quaife LSD
Forge Motorsport Intercooler
Leyo Diverter Valve
MST Performance Intake System
Methanol Injection Kit
Bastuck Exhaust
Kate cool DSG cooler

034 Motorsport Sway Bar
034 motorsport dogbone
034 motorsport engine mounting
H&R front sway bar
Unibrace bar
Front AP brake kit pro500 6pot
Whiteline Anti lift kit
Bilstein B16 coilover
Enkei 18 inch
Yokohama AD08R

Robson carbon steering
Sport seats
Shadow boost gauge
Focal 3way speaker & sound system

Championship White Custom Paint


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