The top cat and dog grooming misconceptions

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There are only two kinds of people: Those who love pets and those who don’t. Even so, those who love their furry counterparts may not always know the best way to care for them. Our REV dog tells us…:

Short-haired breeds require little maintenance
If you are really too busy to take care of a dog, you might be better off with a cat. Even so, all cat and dog breeds will shed. A self grooming cat does keep them relatively clean but regular cleaning will help get rid of dirt and dander hidden deep within the coat. Even low-shedding pooches need regular trips to the groomer to maintain their coats.

My friend has the same dog/cat and goes for grooming once every month, I can do the same
Like humans, every pet is different, even two from the same breed. The environment, Lifestyles, regular brushing, diet, and living conditions often put a different demand on your precious pet when it comes to grooming requirements. More often than not, people often underestimate their pet’s grooming needs and that is when problems start to arise.

Pets need baths every few months or so.
A bath not only helps your dog or shed less and smell better, but also works to help prevent or manage certain skin diseases. Another common myth about baths is that allergic pet owners can avoid any reactions by bathing their pets weekly. Too many baths can strip away the natural oils in the coat and cause skin irritation for them.

Gentle human shampoo can be used.
Even if it’s an all-natural solution or a mild baby shampoo, don’t even think about using them. By using human shampoos, it may strip oils and dry the top layers of an animal’s skin, making them more prone to infection.

Shaving dogs keep them cooler in Singapore
Shockingly, this is the most common sight in Singapore. Shaving certain breeds of dogs can do more harm than good. This is due to the fact that, genetically, their hair is not meant to be cut. A dog’s skin can be very sensitive, and a good fur coat blocks dangerous UV radiation that can cause sunburn. Lastly, fur that has been shaved might never regrow correctly as it grows at different rates.

I can do it myself, use Google can already.
For most people, bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and dental cleaning should be the only things that they should undertake themselves. Pet grooming isn’t just about knowing how to operate a pair of shears, it requires a strong knowledge of techniques, a deep understanding of best theories and practices of grooming

With such a busy lifestyle in Singapore, door-to-door mobile services like Margies Pet Grooming takes the hassle out of monthly grooming trips. Trained by U.S. Master Groomers and backed by over ten years of experience, you can rest assured that your pet is in safe hands.

Grooming’s portfolio of treatments extends beyond basic and full grooming, but also includes Pet Bath and Spa services, Teeth-Brushing, Dental Care and Pet-Sitting! The team is available between 10am and 9pm daily, including public holidays. For more information, please call Margies Pet Grooming at 91474332, or visit their Facebook Page at!


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