Super Show (Honda S2000)

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As Honda turns 70 this year, the S2000 turns 20. Pretty insane how fast time passes, it still feels like we barely got to know the S2000 even after 20 years. This of course, is not to be said for those who dabble in tuning one of Japan’s finest roadsters..

As the turbo generation slowly consumes the car industry, it’s a throwback to Honda’s rich racing heritage in F1. The first Honda S2000 models came with a 2.0L normally-aspirated engine, yet making over 200hp, which harks back to the days of rebuilt B16s making almost 200hp. And for the driving enthusiasts, nothing is quite as addictive as explosive acceleration with no turbo lag.

In many ways, the S2000 is a car with a split personality. It can be driven gently, getting good fuel economy, yet it can make you scream once you push past 6,000 rpm. Unlike the Miata however, the S2000 has never been made available with an automatic transmission. Purist, or go away, it says…

With the modders split between show cars and go cars, rarely will you find people who are into track-inspired modifications. Wanting both performance on tap and good looks, this S2000 is filled with the best of both worlds. First thing you would notice is how much wider this is. Stretching out the S2000 for a wider and more menacing appearance, started with the superlight Enkei wheels – in a very wide nine inch width front and eleven inches at the back.

The additional widebody is inspired by the touring cars as well as Japanese tuner specials. Having access to unlimited possibilities, a customised set of reshaped fenders was hand-crafted for this fine lady… referring to both the car and the owner! Wanting a smooth look, she drew inspiration from tuning houses with their wide fender extensions – but smoothing the edges down for a seamless look with the body.

Hearing the car in action several times, we moderately knew that it did pack a punch under the hood. What we didn’t know was that the unmolested F22 block – but everything around it has been upgraded or customised. Rarely do we see a street car with a quad independent throttle bodies (ITB) setup, let alone a S2000. Polished and repolished until it gleamed, the setup, once tuned finely with the Motec standalone engine management and long horns, the ITB setup gave good gains throughout the entire rpm range.

Combined with Toda Stage 3 Cams, J’s racing header which help to free up extra horses at the top of the rev range, especially when combined with the J’s racing titanium exhaust, this S2000 is an absolute beast of a street machine . This exhaust system adds a nice raspy tone to the natural howl of the VTEC beast and is a heap lighter than the factory exhaust system, which gives an added edge to the car’s crisp response.

Already, one can see the first of the many handling upgrades for the S2000. The ASM Front Tower Bar GT is attached to the shock towers and the bolts of the steering rack. This prevents subframe flex and joins crucial suspension points together for a tight front end feel – not to hang a mechanic or towels!

Other handling improvements to the S2000 include a full set of Moton Club Sport Suspension coilovers and other necessary undercarriage bracing. Having the need to strike a balance between daily driving and sporty performance…. nevermind, Yokohama Advan AD08R: the final word.

On the interior, form-fitting bucket seats flown in specially from Japan and a Personal steering wheel to excite the sporty side of her, while a great sounding Pioneer sound system, with additional tweeter pods for those days when she just wants to cruise the highways – Definitely one ride suited for a Queen!

If you were eyeing this, we have some good news. With a fresh 10-year COE obtained, this beautiful lady will continue to roam the streets. Looking aggressive and capable of going as fast as it is loud, the split personality is nothing short of amplified. Mission accomplished.

Honda S2000

J’s Racing Header
J’s Racing Muffler
Quad Throttle
Toda Stage 3 Cams
Motec M400 ECU
Samco silicone hoses

Moton Club Sport Suspension
Enkei RS05RR 18x9J 18x11J
Yokohama ADVAN AD08R (Front) 265/35/18; (Rear) 295/30/18
Various cross braces

2x limited EDT Recardo Super Stark seats
Pioneer Audio System
Personal Steering wheel
Voltage meter

Customised Widebody
Js’ Racing dry carbon bonnet


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