Style Statement (Toyota CH-R)

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Given that crossovers have gained unparalleled popularity over the past few years, it comes as little surprise that manufacturers have splashed the cash to design and develop their version of an ideal crossover to meet market demands. In Singapore’s context, Toyota might have been a tad late in the game given that Honda’s Vezel / HRV has been flooding local tarmac for more than a good couple of years, but that does not mean Toyota falls behind in terms of crossover desirability.

On the flipside, introducing a crossover later than rivals played out well for the manufacturer – it gave them more time to carve the perfect formula and they certainly aced on both style and substance. The high riding, coupe-like stature looks like no other on the road, and we fully appreciate Toyota’s decision to move away from conservative aesthetics to appeal to the younger, more daring audience.

This example we have defies the rules of a traditional family hauler, just like how the C-HR defies conventional aesthetic cues in place of sportiness and elegance. Most owners who get involved with vehicle customisation might opt for bodykit upgrades and performance tweaks, but this specimen dives deep into the realm of in-car entertainment (ICE). We reckon that this might very well be the most unique C-HR on local tarmac!

The owner of this ride, Mr Jack, is definitely a music lover. We featured his beautifully ICEd-up Toyota Mark X a couple of years ago, and here we are with his C-HR. This time, he engages the expert help of Ah Kwang from Audio Solution. Audio Solution carries a vast wealth of experience in EMMA competitions. Ah Kwang knows the exact demands of Jack, which is why the output is one that reflects Jack’s desired outcome. Salute!

Starting with the Source Unit is Pioneer’s 2-din, 7-inch multimedia receiver (AVH-X8850BT), which is linked directly to the Mosconi DSP 8 to12 Aerospace where it provides the competition tuning needs like precise time alignment, crossover settings and L/R independent EQ settings.

In the front of the ride, you will notice Micro Precision’s flagship Z Studio 3 way. The tweeter is custom made on the A Pillar and the midrange sits perfectly on the dashboard. The midbass takes position at the original door panel.

Focusing our attention to the trunk, we are welcomed by a stylish customised work from Audio Solution. A full Mosconi setup sits within the customised enclosure. The D2 series is currently known to be the smallest and best Class D amplifier available – they are unbeatable in terms of technology, sound and size. Powering the Hi and Mids are the D2 100.4, while the midbass and woofer are powered by D2 150.2 and D2 500.1. This ride is fully soundproofed with premium damping material from Russia – Alphard and the cables are all well signalled by Micro Precision RCA and speaker cables.

It takes time to understand the true meaning behind each modification, but in this case, it is obvious that a thoroughbred audiophile is behind this elaborate project. A quick listen was good enough to decipher how detailed the outputs were. The mids and highs are accurate, while the low-end yields plenty of beefy bass during songs that cater more towards thumping beats. This C-HR features a simple, yet thoroughly sophisticated sound. This combination is perfectly flawless. Sound reproduction is definitely one of the best around. This is much more than a style statement – it is a mobile media powerhouse that satisfies the most compelling audiophile!


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