Endless Blessings: The Amulet

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An amulet is any object worn on the body, and is intended to bring good luck and/or protection to its owner. They can be sorted into three categories: Mainstreams, Non-barang and barang.

Mainstream amulets consist of Buddha amulets, Monk & Kruba Ajahns self image pendant & Deva amulets. Non barang consists of Takruts, Butterfly amulets, Mitmor , Mai kru, holy gourd, star amulets. Barang amulets include of amulets that make from dead corpses, human bones & ashes, animal skin & bones, baby foetus, corpses oil

The choice of amulet depends on individual needs. For example, some prefer to wear love charm amulets to enhance opposite sex attraction, some wear it for luck, or for protection. As the name suggests, mainstream amulets are more suited for all individuals from all walks of life.

Amulets are not to be trifled with. Depending on the amulet type you are wearing, there will be several restrictions which will be instructed by the masters that consecrated the amulets. The golden rule is to honor and respect every amulet – they are worn with faith and strong devotion.

Some wear it for the remembrance of the Buddha or the late masters for their great teachings. Amulets work the best by performing good deeds and charities from the heart to accumulate merits – which are like spiritual savings. All amulets can help individuals to achieve a smooth sailing life, with the least of obstacles.

A good place to start for amulets are specialized stores such as Wang Sheng Amulet. Be it Phra Ngan Wicca, Consercate of Phra ngan and Kumantongs, old traditional thai mystical Sakyant, clearing of black magic and ghostbustering.

Other services include: residential and commercial venue blessings, hand-made traditional lanna candles and oil lamps for various purposes such as boosting good luck, clearing of adversities and obstacles; as well as Salika Lingtong ritual for convincing power and sales talk.

Wang Sheng Amulet is located at Goldenmile Complex #03-48, Singapore 199588. For more information, please call 9196 6606 or visit https://www.facebook.com/WangShengAmulet/.


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