Gusty Blues (VW Scirocco)


Hang on, double take? Not really, after seeing a blue Scirocco gracing our cover, this car’s owner was set on getting one for himself. It has almost been ten years since its introduction to Singapore, but yet the first reborn Scirocco is still desirable among the enthusiast circles – seductive thing of beauty eh?

The Scirocco is testament to the fact that beautiful aesthetics and performance can be achieved without breaking the bank. In fact, it’s rather surprising to realise how much this 1.4 TSI has transformed to its existing state just by fettling with a couple of modifications.

The small four-pot is good for 125bhp, which isn’t fire-breathing by any standard, but for a start, it’s turbocharged, and it’s relatively easy to eke out extra horses from the tiny heart. More is better, right?

Starting with the suspension, the plush stock shocks were swapped for BC BR shocks for a lower ride and much stiffer damping. With the sporty ride requirement settled, the brakes were changed out for a beefy 6-pot calipers and steel braided hoses to keep the kit tightly knit. And to fit the brakes, a new set of OZ 18-inchers, with just enough X-Factor clearance for the big clamps.

With the handling sorted, the Scirocco received a Stage 2 engine upgrade, which saw the replacement of the weaker original pistons with forged variants which are lighter as well. The stock intercooler made way for the Audi S3 Intercooler Upgrade, which is a “safe” choice as it is an OEM part and has been designed for reliability and longevity, while delivering better flow and more stable charge temperatures.An unique addition to the engine are the R8 coil packs, which are able to produce a hotter spark and help with smoother acceleration.

The biggest little upgrade was the replacement of the addition of the hybrid turbo, which is based on the original, but features reworked turbine wheels to increase the mid-range and top-end power. The modified actuator, beefed up bearings and rebalanced turbo upgrade package may sound like a tuning nightmare, but it is designed as a direct OE drop in replacement.

A free-flowing MST Intake was installed, along with a new dump valve to hold the the higher boost level better. The tiny dual pipe stock exhaust had to make way for a quad exhaust for more free flow, and of course, professionally tuned for to max out the power gains from these upgrades, which was in the ballpark of 60 horse and 100 newtons… Impressive. Power is not wasted and firmly put to the ground with the ultra sticky Yokohama AD08Rs!

On the outside, this ‘Roc underwent several visual upgrades to improve his ride’s look. A stylish CF bonnet gave the front end additional vents to expel the hot air from the engine bay quicker at speed, while the ground-hugging looks were further enhanced with a skirt kit with a rear diffuser that surrounds the quad tips.

Will there ever be another economy hatchback with the potential to be a fire breathing monster? As it stands, the only threat to the Scirocco itself is another Scirocco – and even that is no lofty achievement as the Scirocco enters the difficult generation jump. Despite being given a face surgery a couple of years ago, the new model doesn’t seem to be enjoying the same sale success as before.

Will the Scirocco go the way of the Corrado? The irony is that the Scirocco was believed to the spiritual successor othe the Corrado, but it seems that the Scirocco might suffer the same fate as its predecessor after ten years. The time to get one is definitely now, or risk never.

VW Scirocco 1.4TSI

Stage 2
Reflashed DSG
Hybrid Turbo
Forge Internal
Forge Diverter Valve
MST intake
Audi S3 Intercooler
Bastuck Quad Exhaust
R8 Spark Coil

Stoptech BBK 6pot
OZ 18″ Rims
BC BR Coilovers
Ultra Racing mid/rear 4 point

Prosport boost gauge

Cup Spoiler


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