Fancy Vocals (Toyota Harrier)


Toyota’s Harrier can be considered one of the more widely sought-after SUVs in Singapore, given its wide breadth of abilities as far as functionality is concerned. It has bags of space to house five adults in comfort, while still possessing a sleek, sporty silhouette that belies its practicality. Add on bulletproof reliability and a ride that swallows irregularities, there you have a winning recipe that will be widely accepted by all members of the family.

With the proliferation of crossovers, it is interesting to understand the Harrier’s place in the increasingly popular SUV category. But we reckon that it has carved its own niche, by having a sporty stance, and yet a comfortable driving experience. This bodes well for local roads, and even more logical if we want to hoon it up North across the border.

With an abundance of interior space, it comes as no surprise that drivers might look to modify portions of the cabin. Some might opt for the “VIP” look, while others can look towards in-car entertainment (ICE) upgrades. This example defied our perception of ICE because it has plenty of audio quality, and yet all are housed in a very neat and refined manner – all thanks to the talented installer, none other than Xtremez Audio!

Mr Jayson Neo is the owner of this Toyota Harrier and judging by how this example turned out, we can understand that he loves to customise every single detail of ICE – we can hardly find an inch in his ride untouched! He is a person who has very specific needs in terms of sound quality, but he knows right from the start what and who to look for with this project. Charles from Xtremez Audio knows his stuff, which is why Jayson places full trust on Charles to deliver a unique ride equipped with top notch sound quality tuning!

We are very pleased to be featuring his Toyota Harrier as it is truly one of a kind, and audiophiles will appreciate the great lengths and meticulous thought process behind this. Starting from the source unit is the Alpine X009, which is a perfect fit made for the Harrier. It comes with a big 9 inch touch display, digitally connected with Helix DSP Pro MK2 signal processor with a direct support as the controller.

This is connected directly to the full line of Quartorigo system, starting from the Prestigio, a pure Class A amplifier with 65 Watts per channel and 4 units of limited edition INGOT 2, bridged mono powering midrange and midbass. 1 unit of Grave powers the sub-woofer with more than 600 watts of raw power – more than enough oomph to cater for all angles of the sound spectrum!

The front speakers are also a highlight, with the precise Grandiso 3-way system chosen as the weapon of choice. The pillar is adorned with the Grandiso tweeter, and the dashboard features the midrange. At the door panel you will be able to identify slight modifications to the original speaker position. The grill of the door panel was modified, too. The sub-woofer of the system is the CS320.2sw, which sits in a custom enclosure in the boot. The devil is in the details…

A quick listen was more than sufficient to understand why this ride is so highly regarded in the local ICE fraternity. The result is is a stunning piece of mobile art, and we were blown away listening to Jayson’s Harrier, packed with crystal clear sound with great dynamics. The mids and highs are dealt with pinpoint accuracy, while the subwoofer performs extremely well to deliver distortion free bass on demand, even when the soundtrack is bass heavy. This mobile media hauler is truly a force to be reckoned with. Give it a listen if you have the chance, and you might very well understand why in-car entertainment is such an enjoyable hobby! Fancy vocals never sounded the same again…


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