Drift Mission (Nissan 180SX)


If you are into motorsports, Nissan’s S-Chassis will surely be one that will be able to meet your needs, at a much more affordable price point than the GT-R. Unknown to many, the original Silvia was produced back in 1965 and was powered by 96 horses. Even today, a few Silvias still roam our streets with the S15 being the last, as well as the most common one.

The 180SX was based on the Nissan S13 chassis and came with pop-up headlights and liftback body style. It was the “hatchback” version of the S13 line-up which also consisted of a two-door coupe (one of which is blowing doors off with a 2JZ) as well as the rare 2-door convertible.

Though the name was in reference to its earlier 1.8L CA18DET engine, but the name stuck around even after introduction of a 2.0L engine option in 1991. Silvia S13 was also branded as 200SX and 240SX in certain markets.

Silvia meets 180SX results in a… Sil80, or “Sileighty” in car speak. It was said that 180SX owners who smashed the front end off, saw that the Silvia front end was cheaper than a 180SX front, since it doesn’t require the expensive pop up headlight assembly and associated parts…

The looks of such a hybrid of parts grew on Felix as well. Being the sole driver of this drift car, the conversion was never out of the question and was soon performed on his 180SX. The 2.0L engine, a.k.a SR20DET still has extreme potential in power building with just some tweaks and tuning.

The rare sighting of such a car on our island constantly draws the crowd’s’ attention, be it at Formula Drift Asia Singapore (all four of them in fact), Autotest or the Racing Hearts Drift Demo. Other regional appearances also include competitions in Malaysia, as well as drift demos at events islandwide.

Since we last met this beast, it has undergone a few radical transformations to keep it sliding among the very best. The block was stroked up to 2.2 litres, plus a heavy rework on the intake and fuel delivery system. Gone are the custom intercooler and Nismo injectors, replaced with beefier juice blasters and a high-flow HKS IC unit. Together with several carry-over bomb-proof bits, the whole setup has been tuned to a peak 850hp output when running on VP Racing MS109 fuel with a MON 101/RON 109 rating.

Nothing is left untouched in the handling department. Save for the shocks, the suspension underwent a major overhaul with new knuckle kit for serious steering angles, new brakes designed specifically for drifting, along with a entire suite of supporting modifications which include the bars, stabilisers, rods and arms.

To some, the interior might seem a tad claustrophobic. The mix of a custom roll cage and the car’s low roof line may seem unwelcoming but once you’re nested comfortably in the Bride bucket seat, you’ll feel right at home.

Once inside, the fighter jet fires up with a slew of interesting buttons and switches to the left. The spacecraft feel cockpit include an all-in AIM MXL gauge cluster, a F-Con V Pro ECU and an EVC boost controller. The entire dashboard has been rebuilt with a custom Alcantara finish to complement the choice of an Italian Nardi wheel.

Drifting competitively is something beyond the reach of many. The lack of funds and technical support that workshops can provide often prove to be ever-present stumbling block, but for those who persevere, shall succeed!

Nissan 180SX

850hp on VP MS109
HKS 2.2 liter stroker kit
HKS Stage 3 head
HKS 1200cc injectors
HKS 2835 Pro R Turbocharger
HKS Intercooler
HKS Blow Off Valve
HKS Wastegate
Blitz radiator
Lincoln Mark VIII electric fan
Sard Fuel Regulator
Denso Iridium spark plugs
Custom exhaust
HKS Fcon V-pro Engine Management
PPG gear set H pattern
Drive Shaft Shop aluminium drive shaft and prop shaft
Nismo Coppermix Clutch/Flywheel kit
Nismo 2-way LSD

HKS HiperMax D suspension
Drift Works Front and Rear knuckle Kit
Project Mui drift brake kit
Cusco Tower Bar Front and Rear
Cusco Stabiliser
Cusco Tension Rod
Cusco Link & Arms
Ikeya Formula Tie Rods
HKS 2-way Caster Camber Kit

HKS Race Meters
Bride Bucket Seats
Takata 5 Point Harness
HKS F-Con V Pro
C’s Short Stroke Shifter
HKS EVC Boost Controller
Cusco Roll Cage
Aim meter
Bride seats
Nardi Steering wheel
Hydraulic handbrake
custom roll cage
ATL fuel cell
CF door panels

Origin front rear bumper and side skirt
Koguchi Power wide body front and rear fender
Garage BB GT wing
Gram Lights 57D
Seibon CF trunk



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