Boxer Max (Subaru Impreza WRX)

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Possessing all-round capabilities that include the skill and grace to dance, yet delivering blows akin to that of a heavyweight boxer is often not easy to chance upon. Fuji Heavy Industries revolutionary move away from the traditional sedan look for its STi variant with a mean-looking five-door hatchback.

The third generation WRX STi is truly a unique machine. With the hatchback variant being its first representative and the sedan variant released shortly afterwards, many have fallen in love with its one-of-a-kind design that makes one take a second glance, while remaining loyal to its boxer roots.

Masters of turning sporty street cars into track monsters, BMS Motorsports introduced a wide variety of forged engine parts into the boxer heart, as well as an assortment of cooling upgrades for engine longevity. Fuel starvation woes are wiped off with bigger fuel pump that heartily supplies the engine with abundant fuel flow through a SARD fuel regulator which properly manages the much-needed fluid going into 750cc Deatschwerks fuel injectors.

As with all turbocharged rides that run much hotter than their naturally aspirated counterparts, engine temperature is always an issue. Hence, doing a better job of keeping water temperatures stable is the job of a thick, enlarged aluminium radiator by Koyorad, properly linked with silicone radiator hoses and quality performance coolant. That it? Being the track car for the street, no fluid was left to chance. A power steering cooler, high temperature heat wrap, oil cooler and a Processwest top mount intercooler keep the rest of the operating temperatures at a minimal worry.

With the power to go, comes with the ability to dance. Even though the WRX was factory fitted with sports absorbers, raising the track performance bar meant going deep into the very guts of the suspension work.. Doing away with the stock absorbers, the WRX was fitted with APi Racing Type RA coilovers, giving it a more controlled damping quality while providing customisable levels of setting adjustments with its multi-stage damping. The stock front and rear anti-roll bars are replaced with beefier offerings from Hardrace, complete with the control arms to dial in the perfect angles for (time) attack.

It’s not just about swapping out the stock components for aftermarket ones, the sought-after quick ratio steering rack from the STi model found a new home in here, with lower control arms borrowed from a Legacy Spec B for the finishing touch. One may imagine that this car had gained considerable weight from all the modifications, but where it fights the flab, are the lightened panels and driveshafts to keep weight gains to a minimum, without sacrificing power handling capabilities.

Topping the exhaustive list off is of course the set of sticky Yokohama Advan AD08R performance tyres that provide exceptional grip and traction, around 17” Enkeis to clear the AP 6-piston up front/4-piston at the rear brake system upgrade with Project Mu pads..

Putting a number to the heat is the Defi army of BF meters inside, while the owner gets held firmly in place with Recaro RSG bucket seats, and a six-point harness attached to a bespoke harness bar in the cabin.

With years of expertise backing them, it is without doubt that BMS Motorsports has built a quality monster to rule the streets as well as the track. Aging, but still exciting to drive, complete with tenacious grip and intoxicating Boxer boost in a handy hatch format – much blood, sweat and tears have been poured into the creation of such a fine machine. We can’t wait to see it unleashed at the upcoming API Racing 2018 Sepang track day!

Subaru Impreza WRX GHE

Forged Engine
Koyorad aluminium radiator with billion hoses running Fuchs Silkolene Mag Cool
Power steering cooler
Injen air intake with high temperature heat wrap
Works Engineering oil cooler
Processwest top mount intercooler
Hybrid boost controller(Hallman MBC with Grimmspeed 3 port boost solenoid)
Turbosmart recirculating BPV
STi engine oil cap
HD Fuel pump
Sard fuel regulator
DW 750 injectors
Okada project plasma ignition coil
ATS Carbon Twin plate clutch
Fujitsubo Exhaust System

APi type RA coilovers
Hardrace anti roll bars
Hardrace rear control Arm
Hardrace rear toe arm
AP Racing 6-4 Big brake kit
Project Mu brake shoe
Jdm STi quick steering rack
Legacy spec b front lower control arm
Carbing lower arm bar
RZCrew garage Rigid collars
Enkei 17×9 PF07
Yokohama Advan AD08R 245/40/17
DSS carbon propeller shaft
STi rear drive shaft
Strengthen front drive shaft
STi 6 speed gearbox with MAP DCCD controller
Cusco rear 1.5 way differential
Cusco brake stopper
Cusco front strut bar

Defi Defi Advance BF gauges(oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure, boost)
Pioneer 8850 double din HU
Recaro RSG bucket seats
Arai harness bar
Cusco drift button
Momo drifting steering wheel
NRG short hub with NRG quick release
Schroth 6 point harness
Otosaver front and rear camera

Seibon full CF bonnet,
STi front bumper
STi front grill
STi Wide fenders
Chargespeed CF front bumper wide vents
Voltex generator


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