Power Surge (VW Scirocco)


For quite some time, the Scirocco has always been the Golf’s sexy sister, swaying the young crowd to it with beautiful aesthetics and performance can be achieved without breaking the bank. Sure, one can go straight for the “R” variant, but it is the sensible 1.4 TSI has been the best seller, thanks to the substantial increase in power with just a couple of modifications.

Extra horses from the tiny heart with a simple tune, which was initially satisfying.. But of course, more is better, right? Guy logic kicks into full gear from then on…

Starting with the suspension, the comfort oriented shocks were traded for a satisfying API Racing coilovers, marrying both performance as well as practicality. This formed the best compromise as it offered the desired lowered look as well as functionality on the move. Not to mention, all the killer humps which would make any owner or body kit screech in horror.

Big brake kits with sport pads and a new anti roll bars were fitted for a bit of handling oomph, which now brings the car to receive the greatest gift: Nice big wheels to fit over the brakes. And, more powwweeerrrrr….

With the handling sorted, the Scirocco received an engine upgrade, with a new blow off valve and air intake to aid the new turbo in spooling up real quickly. Part of the NA-like response is down to the new piping, as well as the higher flow rate of the intercooler, which can only mean one thing…

Fitted with a low-resistance muffler, the way the engine responds to the throttle inputs is absolutely intoxicating. Tuned by the finest in the industry, it is undoubtedly one of the nicest revving TSI’s we have come across.

The hybrid turbo, while being based on the factory unit, has custom CNC work and reworked turbine wheel to increase the mid-range and top-end power. The modified actuator, beefed up bearings and rebalanced turbo makes it a wholesome plug, and play solution.

Of course, no one will ever mistake this Scirocco for any other ‘Roc on the road. The visually attractive upgrades are custom made. The carbon bonnet and carbon fenders hide their weave under a professionally applied coat of paint. This entire pinkish glitter white extends throughout the car, elegantly finishing at the Rieger rear bumper.

Common it may be, and we nearly mistook another white ‘Roc for this. But, for an unassuming hatchback with tons of unlocked power, it is still a pretty decent fuel econo mobile and packs much more firepower than stock. Do we want this over a Golf GTi? Hmm, a very very strong inclination for yes, it shall always be…

VW Scirocco 1.4TSI

Forge blow off valve
Mst air intake
Eurosport intercooler
Loba 270 hybrid turbo
Remus Exhuast
Wossner Forge piston
Stage 3 by Monster Tune

API RS Suspension
Whiteline anti roll bar
Forge big brake kit

Advanti By Enkei rim
Carbon bonnet
Carbon fender
Rieger rear bumper

Custom LED lighting


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