High Rider (Toyota CH-R)


It has been a while since we’ve noticed such a massive interest in a particular car. Perhaps it might be due to the gorgeous, chiselled looks, coupe high-rider stance and competitive pricing that makes the Toyota CH-R such a tempting ownership proposition in Singapore. You would have seen countless CH-Rs roaming local streets in an assortment of colours, but most of them might be primarily OEM. Owners who prefer more “oomph” in terms of styling might opt for a bodykit, but those who prefer upgrades that serve to tickle the audio senses will embark on an entirely different route. But that does not mean it is not aesthetically distinctive. This example manifests the fact that an audiophile can enjoy unrivalled sound quality, while also placing an emphasis on artistic visual cues.

Before digging deeper into what this ride has on offer in terms of in-car entertainment (ICE), we would love to take a minute to appreciate how well sorted this project is, even without scrutinising the products on display yet. Its devilish stare enhanced by the blue tint on the headlights makes it all the more appealing (although this alone will not give us any clues on the amount of audio prowess under the hood!). But it does give the owner a good platform to work with – a foundation that we know played off to perfection.

The interior can be considered unique, even without the addition of ICE components. But just a sprinkle of neat ideas transformed this CH-R from a capable hauler, to a full-fledged mobile media machine. It comes as no surprise that it received constant positive stares, given how well planned this project turn out to be – full marks for a family mobile that can double as an entertainer on wheels, right from the get-go!

A major shout-out has to go to the installer, Charles of Xtremez Audio, who is no stranger to crafting quality ICE projects from scratch. Kenny, the owner of this all new C-HR, knows the importance of connectivity, which explains his decision to install the Pioneer AVH-X8850BT. It was chosen as the source unit, and connected directly to the all new Mosconi DSP6to8 PRO signal processor, which is the “brain” for this whole system. The Time Alignment, Crossover points, Equalizers and more are controlled via the DSP. It is connected to a set of Mosconi One series 130.4 powering the tweeter and midrange. 2 sets of Mosconi One series 250.2 powers the midbass and sub-woofer.

Taking the front stage is the Micro Precision 5 series 3-way speakers, made in Germany by Thomas Hoffmann. These speakers have already set a new standard for sound quality and clarity. The sub-woofer from Gladen RS-X 10 Slim produces a deep and accurate bass in a small custom enclosure, custom made by Xtremez Audio.

A listen in the driver’s cockpit will guarantee that this is no ordinary-sounding CH-R. This fully loaded sound system delivers perfect sound at all portions of the sound spectrum. There is more than sufficient detail in the mids and high – tonal accuracy is spot on. Bass is punchy too, whenever the need arises to play soundtracks that require more “oomph” from the subwoofers. This well-sorted ride does not look and sound like any other on the road even in an era where creativity knows no boundaries – reasons enough to allocate this for our first ICE cover car for 2018!


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