Blue Squadron (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX)


Sometimes, the greatest legends no longer exist. Introduced in Japan in 1992 as a homologation special, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution was family sedan which was stuffed with an angry two litre turbocharged and four-wheel-drive system.

The IX is the last definitive Evo in the eyes of many purists, the end of a legacy which saw Mitsubishi winning multiple rally championships. The IX is frantic, raw, and noisy. It has a huge intercooler and a big wing. It caused people to flame each other on the internet. It also spawned articles like “Ten reasons why the Evo is better than the WRX”.

No matter which side you’re on, both cars were the dream of many, since it placed supercar levels of performance onto the street. Some say, Subaru won because they still make the WRX. But without a direct competitor, it also has changed. You can buy a WRX with a CVT automatic gearbox, but would you? With most IX’s crossing the ten year mark, those who hang on to these gems have opted to go mild on their modifications for the sake of longevity. Rebuilding the engine and turbo, mild modifications were done on the intake and fuel delivery to make the stock engine perform at its best. Besides, JDM Evo IX’s were restricted in Japan, while the UK-spec Evo IX FQ 340. That is roughly 340 horsepower – plenty for a very stock machine.

Until a dyno is done, we’ll never know if the blow off valve, bigger fuel flow, enlarged intake and throttle body will vastly increase the power. As featured, the car was undergoing a full retune on the AEM standalone engine management. So, instead of insane HP gains, a lot more focus was to keep the engine alive and well with not one, but two oil coolers (because two is more than one, yes?)

It is proven that Evos can be crazy amounts of power from a little block. However, the owner values responsiveness than having to deal with the heavy, lumpy “high-end” power. Peek under it, and the only interesting thing you’ll find in the middle, are the carbon fiber centre drive shafts – almost unheard of here.
The most obvious suspension mods are the Tein coilovers, bigger brakes squished inside the 17-inch wheels. Invisible additions? High temperature brake pads, stage three competition clutch, lightweight flywheel and spur gears designed to take a beating. Once again, the performance favourite Yokohama AD08R handles the duties of putting every drop of horsepower onto the road.

It is funny how this shade of blue blends in perfectly with the rest of the blue cars on the streets of Singapore, but what you won’t miss is the uniquely wide body kit on this Evo IX. The high carbon fibre diet helps to shed weight on both ends of the car and make it swole. A small but nice touch are the “blackout” headlights, which we found out, was just the tip of his skill as a craftsman.

With access to a private workshop in Kaki Bukit, he could customize the lighting, accessories and bodykits to his liking. Crafting the front lip from raw isn’t a job for the regular mechanic, a testament to his attention to detail. It took a while for him to work on the bumper areas, wide body, and build a custom center spoiler stand for his Voltex Type 5 wing .

If you moaned about how bland an Evo interior is, there are Defi-nately gauges and head-up displays set on the backdrop of real carbon fibre dash trims on the dashboard panels as well as the door panel insets. For a Personal touch, a Nardi steering wheel in the size which he felt suited his Evo perfectly.
Yes, the X is better/SST is quicker. But for him, this car is the result of many years of hard work and saving up. Rebelling against the status quo, all the work and time he poured into crafting his own dream Evo XI, we’re sure all the blood, sweat and tears were worthwhile. Double salute!

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9

Rebuilt 25g turbo
HKS blow off valve
RC 1000cc injectors
2 oil coolers
Stock exhaust
Stock exhaust manifold
Carbon 1 full piece carbon fiber drive shaft
Enlarged throttle body
Aftermarket enlarge intake manifold
Aem standalone control unit
Walbro fuel pump

Tein Street Flex coilovers
AP Racing brake Front 6 pot Rear 4 pot
Carbotech brake pads
Competition clutch stage 3
Competition series lightweight flywheel
Strengthened gearbox spur gears
Wheel Rota 17″
Tyre Ad08 245 45 17

Defi gauges
Defi Heads up display
Carbon interior dash trim
Carbon all doors panel trim
Personal Nardi steering wheel

Wide body
Carbon bonnet
Carbon wide front fender
Carbon canard
Front splitter
Carbon varis boot
Carbon voltec type 5 spoiler
Carbon spoiler stand
Headlight blackout


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